Elizabeth was getting ready for her 14th birthday ball in her room. She looked in the mirror. She was wearing a beautiful gown and her golden blonde hair went down to her hips. But she wanted to see the town. She quickly toke off her gown and put on a more simple plain one. She wrapped herself in a dark cloak and put the hood up. Elizabeth tied together bedsheets and used it for rope as she climbed out of her window. Looking over at the town she ran straight towards it and walked the streets not knowing who she might meet. She was walking down an alley when large man grabbed her from behind. His hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her closer to him.
"Looks like a little mousey lost her way...just behave and this won't hurt a bit." He said digger his knife into her cheek, causing blood and tears to flow onto his hand covering her muth. Elizabeth's eyes darted around to look for someone, anyone who might help.