I had a dream that was a continuation of an older dream. It was the sweetest love confession that I've ever known.

We were all at Sierra Gardens, my elementary school, taking re-certification classes. Apparently after you take basic classes like language or math, you need to check in and make sure you still know what you're talking about. This time, in the class, I was doing my recert with Brianna, my roommate. She was taking about three more tests than I was inbetween the basic ones that we were in together. We had language or math first then we got a break. Imagine it like those old days in Elementary or Junior high when you had to take those tests. I think they were called the CAT or something like that where they asked you basic questions that tested the average intelligence of the school. That sort of thing where everyone had break together and we had snacks, etc etc. If you were late, you could be kicked out entirely. We go out for our first break and it is late. The stars are out and I look into the sky. The constellations are super clear and it appears to me that I get to see the Aquarius lady for the first time ever. When we gather around, a small group of us, to take a closer look we realize that they are Christian images from the Bible. There was Mary and dead Jesus in the stars, among other things. We determine that it was the work of Illusionists but then I know to myself that there is a spotlight in the back with images carved on it pointed at the sky and think that must be what is really at fault. Still, I want to believe it is Illusionists cause that would be so f*cking cool. Lawlz.

So then we go back inside and take some more coursework. I think we do math and language. We take another break and I meet Tyler outside. Bri is off doing a test somewhere else this time. Tyler Bone, from my past, as in an older dream. He and Brandon ( I forget the last name atm. ) were both my love interests and I confessed to them or they to me. Either way, we were both into each other and one of us confessed in the old dream. Continuing from there, Tyler told me "Yes. My answer is yes." then we leaned in for a kiss. Last minute he changed his face so he was making a weird kissy face where I kissed inside his lips inside outside? Makes sense? It was like a fish face. We laughed and I found it immensely charming. It was the sweetest little love confession that I can remember.

I go back in and Bri is upset. She flunked her anatomy class because she was late. We get ready to watch a movie for P.E. instruction and the teacher is blathering on about making it a joke for one of her favorites. Jim Carrey is dressed up in his Me, Myself and Irene cop uniform and demonstrates climbing through this obstacle course. The entire time I'm trying to remember Brandon's last name because I'm aware of myself at the time in the dream. A friend of the pet favorite comes in and the teacher talks a bit. Then the dream ended. I never really found out his name but I was looking on these roster sheets. I looked and looked. I saw Chris and Alex. I remember so many names but I couldn't find his.