Episode 1

Scene: field, fighting against infected humans

The story opens on a semi heavy battle, between our 3 heroes and some infected zombie like humans.
DarkV: This is kind of easy but there are a lot of them, where do they keep coming from?
Ultra: You have wings fly up and see, me and VAngelgirl got this covered for now
DarkV: Alright guys I’ll be right back, don’t die on me here!
Vangel: not in this life time buddy!
DarkV flies up in the air and west to the proposed direction that the infected humans are coming from, and finds the source. He doesn’t act rather he flies back to the battle, and uses his feather birage and halts the attack from the infected.
DarkV: Alright guys lets go, ultra I think you might like this one, nice an big
Ultra: Sweet lets go
The angels fly and ultra flies via cannon. They all arrive close to the same time, the angels land on a building, ultra lands in the building
DarkV: mehhh let him, its not like we cant fix it later
Vangel: uhhhh yeah no your cleaning it up later
Ultra: ok guys lets take down that…. thing
DarkV: alright lets go
DarkV flies up and out towards it and then proceeds to get b***h slapped but the infex tentacles
Infex mutant thing: Hahahahahahaha ********.
DarkV falls back to the ground and makes a hole
Ultra: Hahahahahahaha you got b***h slapped by an infex
Vangel: yeah and now that’s more mess you have to clean up
DarkV: Shaddap you assholes, and lets destroy that thing
All: RIGHT!!!!
Infex: Oh please, like you could, you all suck, you cant touch me
DarkV: then why’s ultra climbing up your back
Shot moves over to ultra on the infex back
Infex: (struggling to get ultra off) hey get off my back, get the hell off me, your not allowed to touch me
Ultra: shut up and let me scale you
Ultra punches it in the back and makes a small hole in which our heroes get into the beast through.
Vangel: ok guys I think we should split up, stay in communication, if you get in trouble call for backup.
Ultra: got it
DarkV: understood, stay safe
Split panel to our three heroes. Then to ultra.
Ultra: (where the hell is the human being infected? The sooner I find it the sooner I can get outta here) Ultra’s eyes shift to something
Camera shifts over to DarkV
DarkV: Alright, time to end this, once we find the source we take it out, and I go home and play Xbox, hell yeah, gonna break my high score
VAngel (Over the com-link): Guys I’ve found something, I think it might be the infected human, come quick.
Ultra and DarkV: ON MY WAY!
Shot cuts back to Vangel standing in front of a cocoon like pod
Vangel: what the hell are you? [She touches it and receives a message on her scanner] You’re a person, don’t worry, we’ll get you out of there, as soon as those guys get here.
Shot cuts to ultra punching through the walls of the Infex body
Ultra: damn Infex these walls are pretty thick
Vangel (over the comm-link) ultra I can feel you punching through the walls, you need to stop that.
Ultra: fine, what do you propose I do? Just run all the way to where you are?
Vangel: yes, yes I do, now get ta moving
Ultra: grrr fine whatever I’m on my way
Vangel: DarkV where the hell are you?
(This scene shows a closeup of VAngelGirl With a shadowy figure approaching her behind (Giggiddy))
DarkV: *im right behind you*
(She shoots him and he falls to the ground)
DarkV: I can fly, remember?
DarkV: after a shot like that I get the message
Vangel: now then where the hell is ultra?
Ultra: *I’m right behind you*
(She shoots ultra as well; he falls to the ground charred and black, just like DarkV)
DarkV: bad move dude, you’ve got a bit of a foul mouth there Aya
Vangel: WHATEVER!!! Just help me out here, this is an infected human, we need to free her
Ultra: how the hell are we gonna do that?
Vangel: Punch it
Ultra: huh? I’m sorry I ran through some goo back there, did you just tell me to punch something?
DarkV: I think she did man, hey are we dreaming?
Vangel: you’re not dreaming, I need Ultra to punch this and break it open so we can get the human out of there before she—
Ultra: stop, you had me at break it open.
(Ultra clenches his fist as hard as he can and pulls back before delivering a powerful blow to the cocoon sak. After the makes contact producing a shockwave Ultra pulls his fist back thus revealing no damage. This lead DarkVAngelman to question Ultras strength)
DarkV: Dude I thought you were stronger than that
Ultra: I am!
DarkV: ok but there isn’t even a scratch on there,
Ultra: oh shut up, I wasn’t even trying.
DarkV: sure ya weren’t pal. Maybe your just losing your touch
(Ultra punches DarkV in the face which sends him flying. Literally, flying into the air crashing into a wall. DarkV drops to ground with a dazed and confused look on his face, he then gets up proceeds to go after ultra)
DarkV: What the hell man?! Why’d you hit me?!
Ultra: did it hurt?
DarkV: your damn right it hurt now tell me why the hell you hit me!!!
Ultra: you said I was losing my touch. Looks like I haven’t lost a thing
(ultra smiles sinisterly at DarkV)
DarkV: yeah wel-
Vangel: BOYS!!!
(Ultra and DarkV stop their argument and look at Vangel girl)
Vangel: If you boys are done fighting, I think I figured out what went wrong
DarkV: we finish this later
Ultra: so what’d you find Aya?
Vangel: this thing hardened right before ultra hit it, like it was protecting itself
DarkV: or its host
Vangel: ultra I need you to hit it again, but this time, give it a bit more strength
(Ultra clinches his fist again and pulls back, this time he closes his eyes to concentrate his power. He then thrusts his fist into the cocoon sack again producing another shockwave, this time a small crack is made but the crack repairs itself)
Vangel: thought so
DarkV: what’d you figure out this time?
Vangel: well while Ultra was hitting it I ran a scan under the top layer. It looks like its shifting matter around inside to add extra shielding thus making Ultra’s punches useless
Vangel: oh calm down, that’s not what I mean. I meant that it protects itself and heals almost as if nothing happened. It’s like you didn’t even hit it.
Ultra: so what do we do now?
Vangel: we distract it
(Both Ultra and DarkV look at VAngelgirl confused)
DarkV and just how do we do that?
Vangel: come here and check this out
(she shows them a scan of the cocoon as it emits an aura)
Vangel: see this aura is like its eyes and ears, it can sense everything that’s going on around it and thus defend itself properly. But it can’t move fast enough to defend against several attacks at once
Ultra: Which means if we all hit it at once from different angels we should be able to break the shell open?!
(DarkV and Vangel fly up high outside the range of the aura)
Vangel: alright ultra on my count. 3. 2. 1. Strike
(Ultra punches the cocoon as hard as he can, leaving a hole in the side of it. While the cocoon defends and repairs itself over the hole Ultra made, DarkV and Vangel begin their assault on its weaker areas)
Vangel: alright DarkV, fire on it!
(The attacks hit the cocoon thus leaving it in pieces, it begins to slowly repair itself but before it can Ultra runs in and grabs the human female inside, and carries her away outside the giant shell. Aya and DarkV follow then turn to see the shell crumble and fall apart, liquefy, and evaporate into nothingness.)
DarkV: good job ultra, you saved her
Vangel: yeah nice going, now lets get her to a hospital so she can get checked out.
(Later at their secret base we see Ultra and DarkV sitting in front of a large monitor as Aya walks out of the bathroom in a towel)
Ultra: Well that’s another human save and protected, hey Aya did you administer the protective serum?
Vangel: yeah I did, too bad it cant be administered through the air.
DarkV: Its getting harder and harder to spot who’s been infected, the Infex are merging with their human hosts and mimicking their DNA, soon we won’t be able to find them until they strike.
Vangel: Yeah, I’ll work on some tech that will help us find the infected humans easier.
DarkV: alright, and hey Ultra!
(DarkV punches Ultra in the face as hard as he can causing Ultra to take a few steps backwards, then retaliating by hitting DarkV and this starts a fight right behind Aya who is getting pissed off)
(we then cut to DarkV and ultra in the training room preparing to fight)
DarkV: we settle that little dispute from earlier
Ultra: agreed
(They both take a fighting stance and prepare to strike, they then charge toward each other exchanging hits, and then they both pull back, and glare at one another and with no words spoken they leap at one another for a final strike. The book ends there)
The End