Your blue eyes intoxicate me. So beautiful, its as if the ocean tries to communicate through those eyes of yours. You stare into my golden brown eyes, sending impulses all throughout me without saying a single word. My blood bubbles and my heart feels like its losing control. I notice my breathing getting heavier with each step you take to approach me. You grab my waist and pull me in closer. Deeper and deeper you look into my eyes, drugging me ever so simply. Then you cleverly give me a cute smirky smile and I cant resist but to return back the favor to you and giggle. You proceed to gently grab my chin, making my face redder then blood. You lean down and lock your lips with mine, showing me a little bit of heaven on Earth.

I felt like writing something romantic and came up with Blue eyed boy. Please comment and tell me what you think about it cat_3nodding no mean comments though please cat_sweatdrop