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My Own Written Stories These are just some of the ideas that popped into my head while I was daydreaming and wanted to write them down before I forgot them. If I forgot them, I know I'd regret it so I wrote them into stories. . .er. . .something like that. . .

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Clara's End
Through the dark and silent forest of White Bone, a pale skinned, black haired woman with eyes of the ocean, ran as swiftly and silently as she could, trying to evade and lose her pursuers. Fear pushed her to run for her life, but the need to protect the bundle in her arms, pushed at her even harder. She quickly pushed her way through shrubs that blocked her unmarked path.

Thinking she had cleared those shrubs, she lunged forward but was quickly stopped because of the sharp tug at the back of her head. As she frantically turned to look back at what had caught her, she saw a lock of her silky, long, jet black hair was snagged on a white, naked gnarly branch of a black, leafy shrub. She cursed silently as she tried to untangle her hair from the stubborn grip of the naked branch.

The woman froze completely when she heard the snap of a twig in the distance. No longer caring for her tangled hair, she let the branch keep the mass of hair it had grudgingly won. She let her hair get ripped out of her scalp as she turned and stared running again when she heard the footfalls of her pursuers drawing closer.

The little bundle of warmth in her arms started wiggling awake as she changed her direction. She sprinted as fast as she could as her eyes scanned her surroundings for a safe place to hide. Looking back past her shoulder as she continued to run in a straight line, she saw that her pursuers were hot on her trail, so she changed directions again.

After she had passed the fifteenth bone white tree, she came across a dark opening in between two marble white boulders that was bigger and thicker than she was tall. Seeing as how that opening seemed to go on endlessly into a pitch black tunnel of emptiness, she walked into the swallowing darkness. As she felt her way into the nothingness, she came across a crevice in the wall. Her bundle of warmth in her arms started to struggle even harder within the confines of its blankets. Her little bundle then started to cry, desperate for attention.

To keep her little warm gift from crying any louder and harder, she sang her little wonder a lullaby her own mother had taught her before she passed away. It had felt like centuries since she last heard the lullaby. She lovingly cradled her little miracle and rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet and softly hummed the melody to the lullaby. As she progressed with the tune, the lyrics floated back to her through shards and bits of her memory.

"Sleep now, little falling star
Your time is still very far
Many will raise arms to defend
And await for your chance to command
Time does not abate
As annihilation is all's fate."

Tears streamed down her pale cheeks and crystallized as they left her face. When her little baby settled back down into its sleep, she released a sigh of relief. Cradling her baby in one arm, she reached for the crevice in the wall with the other arm and felt for any lurking dangers that hid in the shadows.

As she groped around in the darkness, she noticed that the crevice wasn't too far into the wall. Her palm was flat against the back of the crevice wall and that the crevice was angled forty-five degrees downward. From what she could tell, the crevice was at least arms length in the wall and high enough from the ground for her baby to be safe from predators that crept along the floor. She moved closer to the threshold of the crevice to check the ceiling of the crevice for any nasty surprises and found nothing out of the ordinary except empty space.

When her arm came back to rest around her baby's blankets, she knew that this would be the last time she would ever get to hold her child in her arms. Giving her child the last of her love in a fierce hug, she then took off her cloak and wrapped it around her baby for additional warmth. She then put her sleeping baby into the crevice as far from the edge as she could. She made sure her baby was right next to the wall before she pulled away.

Now, with both hands free, she placed both hands on top of each other above her heart, closed her eyes, and turned her attention inwards. Drawing on her will alone, she forced the crystal orb at the core of her body out. When she opened her eyes, the crystal orb called the Eye, the size of her fist, was clutched in her hands.

Knowing the orb could be taken away from her baby at any time in its life, she set a Perimeter spell on the orb. Needing the spell to remain active after she was gone, she needed something personal from her baby to anchor the spell activation. She put the softly glowing orb by her baby's head and looked around for a rock with a razor-sharp edge.

The woman kicked around the dirt and sifted through the sand with her fingers until she came across a shard of rock that was the width of two of her fingers together and extremely sharp on one end. Wanting to test the sharpness of the rock she had in her hands, she put her right leg out in front of her. She kicked around the area to see if there was anything she could test the rock on and found nothing. Then a thought occurred to her; lifting the bottom of her tunic, she poked a hole into her tunic with the rock she had in her hands. To see how fast the rock could cut through her tunic, she turned the rock away from herself and yanked. The rock cut through the fabric of her tunic so fast she was almost knocked off-balance.

To be continued. . .

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