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Annoyance: Annnnd gone again.
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It's been too long, damn. :C

So! Trickster Online in the US is closing down. For good, apparently. Yeeeeeep, got the news on my birthday. Lovely present indeed.

I was very sad over it, cried a bit too. But now, I see this as closure. It's over. I can finally move on with my life. After spending so much time, money and effort and made a lot of new friends and hanging out with guilds for so long, it's hard to find a reason to quit the game, even with SGI as a shitty company in general.

So what does this leave for Astro's beloved rebelseer? I'm moving on. I honestly do not want to get into another online game besides Pangya for a while. I know, Pangya is hosted by SGI too, but I probably won't play as much, much less inclined to give SGI a dime ever again.

I would like to draw more for starters. I'd like to work on my Pullip/Taeyang collection as well. I also would like to learn how to sew doll clothing so I can make awesome crap for them too. Wig-making for dolls would be fun, but looks expensive. >-o;;

First order of business of my return here would be to re-make a new profile, a new post format and maybe a new sig. I haven't really given up on the Mini Angel Wings, but damn, so much motivation. @___@;;; And Gaia keeps releasing cute items too, there's just so many of them...

Uh, this entry got a little longer then I intended. Hopefully the next one will be happier.

PS: I'm still in Solia Online as well.