There stood the teenage boy Snow had gotten so use to seeing. He had eyes the color of the night sky, shoulder length black hair, and black wings emerged from his back. That sinister smile he held so dearly was almost like a drug. He was possibly the most attractive boy she'd ever seen and time and time again, he would appear before her. He walked toward her as silent as a cat; as silent as a predator. He finally stopped when their bodies were just barely touching. She could feel his hot breath down her neck and she shivered slightly. He whispered something in her ear and put a knife to her throat.

Snow opened her eyes quickly and felt her heart pounding against her chest. "That boy..." she whispered to herself. She glanced at her clock and noticed it was 7:00 and she had to get up. Her mom was probably already at work so she had to walk to school as usual. She laid in bed. She has had that same dream reoccur for over a year now and had no idea what it meant. Usually it wasn't this vivid though. She sighed and got up reluctantly. Snow slipped into her school uniform. She went to a private school in Massachusetts that was 20 minutes away from where lived by foot. It was her first day of Junior year and knew she had to get ready fast but that dream took away all of her energy for the day. After getting fully ready, she made herself toast and left her house.

She finally got to school and looked around. It was the same old school that she's been going to since ninth grade. Someone came up from behind her and tickled her from behind making her scream in shock. She spun around only to see her best friend with that goofy grin on his face, as usual. She sighed which only made him laugh. Snow and Aaron have been close friends since they were really little. They would always sleep over each others houses and their parents were perfectly OK with them sleeping in the same bed with each other. He has curly brown hair and dark brown eyes that seemed almost black but to Snow they were beautiful. Snow was half listening to Aaron talk about his summer until he noticed something was wrong and asked "what's wrong? Your never this quiet..." Snow chuckled a bit and told him not to worry. "I just had a nightmare last night. It was that same one with the angel boy. I'm just tired. That's all. Promise," she said reassuringly. He smiled. They continued talking about their summer until they walked into the auditorium. Snow and Aaron tried to hang out with each other as much as possible during the summer but Aaron usually was either on vacation with his family or at a party. Aaron was attractive to many girls which is why he's invited to a lot of parties. Being as Snow isn't as popular, she doesn't go to many parties. Sometimes Aaron brings her as his date but she usually feels uncomfortable so doesn't invite her a lot. He has always respected her feelings and he was possibly one of the nicest guys she's met but to her, she would always see him as a brother. Nothing more. The two of them found a seat in the auditorium and listened to them boringly talk about how this is a new school year and how they must respect the rules as usual. Once orientation was over with, Snow and Aaron split up to head to their homerooms to get their schedules. When she entered the room, there he was. He sat in a desk with a bored expression on his face. She recognized him even though he had light blue eyes the color of ice instead of black eyes and didn't have wings. She walked toward him and when she got to his desk, he looked up at her. She blushed and she said quickly "o-oh I'm so sorry. Its just that you look like someone I know." His eyes narrowed at her but said nothing. She walked away from him and sat in a desk across the room from him. He couldn't be the man from her dreams. He looked too human. She sighed.

She went to each of her classes but being as it is only the first day, it was a pretty relaxed day. At the end of the day, she went to her locker to grab her stuff and left the school. She passed that boy with her head down but he grabbed her arm to stop her. She looked at him and he said in a thick British accent "you look just like your mother..." Snow's eyes widened. She never thought she looked like her mother. They didn't even have the same hair color. She had been told her father died when she was little so she didn't know him. She demanded "who are you? And how do you know my mother?" The boy laughed a bit and said teasingly "you really don't know anything do you? I'm your biological brother." Snow gasped and stepped away from him. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She told him "yeah right! You look nothing like me. Plus I don't know this family of yours that you spoke of earlier but their not my family. My family is back at home." She ran away from him and he let out a sigh. He couldn't possibly explain their family history when she didn't grow up with any of the stuff he did. She didn't know about the existence of demons or angels. She had lived a sheltered human life her whole life. He frowned, sadness overflowing him but he shook it away and walked off.

Snow ran into her house and closed the door as quickly as possible. She looked the door to make sure no one tried to come in. She didn't know if he followed her or not but she didn't care. As long as she was away from him. Her mother asked her "what's the matter, Snow?" Snow sat at the dining room table and finally caught her breath. She told her "there was this strange boy that was new to the school and claimed to be my brother. He's such an idiot, right?" She laughed but her mother was not laughing. Snow stopped and looked at her. "Mom?" Her mother seemed to be looking out the window in deep thought. She went over to Snow and sat across the table from her. "Snow... when you were just a baby, a mysterious women and man came to me and asked me to take care of their daughter. I accepted their offer and gave me everything I needed. They had a son who was about a year old and I always wondered why that couple gave me you but I'm grateful they did." Snow didn't know what to say. She felt betrayed since everything she believed in was a lie. A tear ran down her cheek and her mother frowned. Her mother tried to comfort her but she pulled away from her. She ran up into her room. She threw herself on her bed and wondered what to do until she fell asleep.

The next morning, she got up, got ready, and headed for school. She knew she had to speak to her supposed brother but she was scared. If he was her brother, she knew he'd want to take her back to their really family. "But all of this doesn't explain those dreams..." she muttered to herself. She sighed and got to school. She didn't have the dream last night. Was it because she finally met the boy? She looked up and saw him by the gates of the school. He was waiting for her. He had a smirk on his face and hatred boiled up inside of her. She couldn't understand this sudden hatred for him. In her dreams, he was a drug she was addicted to. He frightened her but she couldn't help coming back to him despite how he wanted to kill her. She put her hand to her throat and he cocked his head slightly. "What's wrong?" He became very worried of her well being and a tear even slipped down her face. She only told him "my mom said I was adopted..." He looked down and grabbed her hand lightly. "Come with me, sister. I want to show you something." He dragged her away from the school. She struggled a bit, knowing they'd be late for school at this rate. It was only the second day. She couldn't be late or even miss school. It would look bad. He continued to drag her and stopped when he got to a part of town she's never been to. There were a few houses but the thing that caught her eye was a large Gothic mansion. He brought her up to the mansion and she said worriedly "isn't this trespassing. Were gonna get caught!" He only laughed. He opened the front door and she was amazed by the gorgeous architecture the mansion had. He told her "its not trespassing when you live there." Her jaw dropped. If only Aaron was with her. She asked him "where are your parents?" The boy stopped and looked at her as if she asked him if he's ever killed anyone. "Mother died when I was young but our father on the other hand..." A man came downstairs. He was slim, tall, had messy black hair, and grey eyes. The only thing the man had with Snow was his grey eyes. She always wondered why she didn't look like neither of her parents. She might have not known her dad but she's seen pictures of him and her mom. They seemed happy together. This man, on the other hand, seemed evil. Pure evil. She couldn't tell how she knew but this feeling she had of him wasn't like anything else she's felt before. The man and Snow's eyes met and they stared at each other until he finally spoke. "My name is Draven... Xavier what is she doing here?" He turned his eyes to the boy, who went by Xavier, and he said "dad, I found out she's in the same class as me at school and I thought I'd bring her to her real home." Snow looked down. She wanted to continue with her normal life. She felt like she would somehow be the one to die. These men... this wasn't her life and she wasn't going to pretend that it was. Her home was with her real mother who took care of her for 16 years of life. Not the family that abandoned her right after she was born. She asked him, without thinking about it "why did you abandon me? If you were a real father, a real parent, you would have taken care of me. Been a true father to me. Not come back into my life 16 years later! I want nothing to do with this family." Draven let out a laugh at her short speech. For some reason he found it hilarious. She didn't get why he was like this. Before she could move to defend herself, he was in front of her with a knife to her throat. Draven whispered in her ears "we abandoned you because we could tell that you were ture pure of a demon and would bring disgrace to our family." Snow couldn't believe what she was hearing. She couldn't be a demon. It was impossible. Unreal. She needed to get answers but definitely not from these people. She knew she couldn't trust them. She stepped back a little only to have the knife press against her skin, cutting her a little. He smirked but Xavier told him "stop, father... I didn't bring her here to have you kill her. I sensed her great power just like mother had sensed it. If she doesn't come to us soon to be properly trained, all of that power she holds will be unleashed in a great fury. Innocent humans will die under her hand." Snow bit her lip hard making it bleed. She wanted nothing to do with this life but it seemed as if she had no choice. She doubted either of the men would let her leave. "Fine... as it seems I have no choice, I will start my training or whatever." Xavier seemed happy that they didn't have to force her. Draven told her "I'll bring the two of you to school. Snow, pack all of your stuff when you get home. We will be waiting for you outside." He removed the knife from her throat and slipped it into his weapons belt. He kissed her cheek. He was acting fatherly. She still thought that she made a horrible mistake but she would have to get over it. She would at least like to say good bye to Aaron. She doubted she'd be able to see him again.