Howdy ya'll~!

I've been working the past year on a very important project of mine called Season 81. If you don't like homestuck, homestuck trolls, or anything of that nature, then you're welcome to leave now, but give me a moment to talk about my brain child for a bit.

I'm quite pleased with how its turning out actually, Season 81 was originally tailored to become a simple fan adventure of Homestuck, but I've rebuilt it several times now and I'm actually working on final documentation on it now!

I attempted to tailor Season 81 (S81) to people who didn't even know what Homestuck is, or haven't kept up with it. I've reworked the entire system to be an immersive new game on its own,

Alright, I've gushed about this S81 thing, what is it?

For anyone who isn't familiar with Homestuck, its a webcomic about a group of kids who play a game, the game sends them to another world tailored to them and destroys their homeworld. The webcomic isn't finished, so I'm not sure what the meaning of certain things about it are, but the driving point behind it is the humor (which I'll be honest, I don't get at all), and the mind ********. All throughout the comic, the author has spun a web of foretelling so thick, its a solid wall.

What are trolls?

An alien race with unique blood colors, customs, and mannerisms. They are grey skinned blobs of weird, but they grow on you like a brain slug.
OK so brain slugs just suck your brains out rather than grow on you.

You've gotten through that ENTIRE mass of text now, so lets finally answer your last question: What is Season 81?

Season 81 is the official name of the canon game, it is still a fan adventure of Homestuck, but I've attempted to tailor it so that several factors are taken into account:

*Not everyone knows what Homestuck is - We all know how you'll find that ONE person who doesn't know what harry potter is, or what DBZ was, so I had to keep in mind that Homestuck wasn't just an automatic thing.

*Not everyone LIKES Homestuck - Lets just say, I don't like DBZ although it was a major thing and my roommate gushes about it day in and day out and wonders why I don't like it. Its just not for everyone, and I kept in mind that although my brain child is awesome to me, not everyone else will like it, and not everyone else will be silent about not liking it either.

*Everyone who reads or plays Season 81 will assume it is SBURB/SGRUB - for those who don't know, SBURB or SGRUB is the same game, different name. Its the game they play in the canon Homestuck webcomic. My original launch of Season 81 didn't have enough documentation, to where every player thought it was SBURB, and was reacting as such. I'm fixing this with extra documentation and resources.

*This is going to be a very long game - Because of how the game is built, not only is it going to be long, but players will get bored. I have to keep players entertained while still holding unto it myself, due to my fickle nature, I tend to leave things I start, so I bought a premium account on enjin for it.

*I don't know what the players will do - A major point in this game that I wanted to do was to give players many options in their actions, I'm not telling them what to do, how to do it, or anything like that. Because of this, my documentation is going to look like a DM's guide for Dungeons and Dragons when I'm done. I wanted to give players freedom to do what they wanted, while still telling the story, so I made checkpoints and important events. If the players hit said checkpoint or event, which they CAN completely avoid, then they get an important part of the story, but if they avoid it, they don't get that part, but they still get story just from playing.

*People don't want to play a human or a troll! - this was a big issue with me, for the longest time I stared at notepad, listening to music and balancing my laptop in between bus stops trying to figure out what to do with this. Allow it? Don't allow it? For those who like making their own race up, or using an anthro character or anything of that nature, you're in luck: I allow it.

OK, I've rambled enough and need to get back to documentation, so heres the last bits of information for you:

Seasons is the name of the game, you'll be watching Season 81. Seasons is a civilization based game, each player gains control of their own tribe, can upgrade it however they want, befriend whoever they want or war with someone else. Players become the hero of their land, choosing their own class, skills, strengths and weaknesses. They gain a familiar to aid them in battle, questing, or answering questions. The heroes must overcome one major obstacle however: themself.

I'm trying to be vague about the story itself, so that's the just of the MAIN game, without the story aspect. If you want more information, want to follow, or play in the main game yourself, please go to our website and sign up!

Season 81