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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

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Talk about Bilal
Liz: He is cute~
Me: Besides that?
Liz: How old is he?
Me: Twenty-two.
Liz: OwO
Me: OwO;;; Why so happy about that? Liz?
Liz: Ya?
Me: Why're you so happy about Bilal being twenty-two?
Liz: That's close to my age LOL
Me: And besides his age, what else?
Liz: That's it.
Me: ...So, you don't have any questions about, say, his faith?
Liz: What is his faith?
Me: He's a Sunni Muslim.
Liz: What's that?
me: ..........*opens mouth, no sound comes out, holds up a hand a minute, takes a second to breathe*
Liz: Sunni, I mean.
Me: It's a sect of Islam, like Catholicism is a sect of Christianity.
Liz: Oh.
Me: Yes. If I'm remembering my sects correctly, it's the more liberal between Shi'a and Sunni.
Liz: Liberal? How?
Me: Well...*thinks of how to explain* Damn, haven't had to do this in a long time. *is corrected* Wait, I've been corrected. XD Okay, Sunnis are like Catholics and Shiites are llike Protestants.
Liz: Ah okay.
Me: Yeah.
Liz: *has an idea* .3.
Me: What's your idea?
Liz: How long are the group staying in Boston?
Me: They're not staying in Boston. They're going to NY.
Liz: OHHH that's right.
Me: Yeah.
Liz: How long will they be in NY?
Me: It depends on how long it'll take them to recover from severe battle wounds.
Liz: Ah.
Me: Why?
Liz: Just another stupid idea of mine, really.
Me: ...Liz, what's the idea?
Liz: A Templar tries to take down Connor but Liz stops him, and gets stabbed. .3.
Me: ...Liz, why do you want to hurt Liz to get Connor's attention all the time?
Liz: Because he's ignoring her and treating her like sh*t. sad And I knwo what it's like.
Me: What what's like? To be ignored and treated like sh*t?
Liz: Yes.
Me: Liz. I know what that's like too. I'm treated that way by my friends back home. And I have some advice on how Liz can get Connor to notice her. Do you want to know what it is?
Liz: What?
Me: She should try to find out his interests. Maybe ask his friends what he likes and what he dislikes, instead of just trying to get hurt for attention or trying to get into his pants because he's fine as f*ck. Right now, Connor's ignoring her because he thinks she's acting like a childish Novice. If she can show him that she has a real interest in him as a person, maybe he'll pay more attention to her.
Liz: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.
Me: No, really, don't just keep it in mind, use it. Try using it in your next post even.
Liz: When you post, I will.
Me: I have to wait for Tobi to post.
Liz: You wanna post in Palace?
Me: *goes to look at the posts there*

Lex: *sprawled on Bilal's couch*
Bilal: Hello.
Lex: *gasps as startles awake, unsheaths hidden blade, stops it an inch from his Adam's apple, shakes* Don't DO that.
Bilal: You are very jumpy.
Lex: *lowers arm, shakes, retracts blade* I'm used to people wanting to kill me. Is it time for fajr?
Bilal: Yes.
Lex: *scrubs eyes, nods, goes to sink, stops* *gestures for him to go first*
Bilal: *motions for him to go ahead*
Lex: ...*smiles a little, nods, splashes water onto face and neck, scrubs, scrubs his arms up to the elbow, pulls up pants, scrubs legs up to the knee*
((What's he doing? Cleaning himself of sin?))
((Yes and no. Muslims have to make ablutions before they pray both to symbollically and lliterally clean themselves. It's sandy as hell in the desert and you don't want to enter a holy place covered in dirt.))
((Oh, ok.))
Bilal: *cleans himself also*
Lex: *stands at edge of prayer rug, kneels, presses forehead to rug* Allahu akbar...
((Can you help? biggrin ))
((With what?))
Lex: *stands again, kneels down, bows head to floor* Allahu akbar... *looks at Bilal as sits on knees, smiles a little, closes eyes, turns hands so palms face upward* Bismillahi rahmaani rahim...
((I'll just copy you ^^))
Bilal: *kneels* Allahu akbar.
Lex: *looks over at him sideways*

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