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Rest In Peace
smilies/icon_crying.gif Ever since I heard about my best friend John-michael stroffoleno had leukemia I was really shocked and I didnt know what to do all I could do was support him and be there for him and his family with in the weeks go by I kept praying that he would get better on August 16th 2012 I heard from my dad that my best friend passed away because of the treatment he was getting killed him and when my dad told me that I took that so hard that I couldn't sleep for a couple of nights but during my week I've had my friends and family to help me and I'm glad I had help because now i know that my best friend isn't in pain anymore and I wanted to let his friends and family know that I'm here for them to help them with this as for my friends and family did for me I will be here for anyone that needs a friend I will always remember the good times I've had with my best friend/brother john michael stroffoleno i will always miss him he was a great friend/bro/singer/acter I will never forget him may he rest in peace!

This is real this isn't a lie so if you comment on this please keep the comments sweet and nice because this hurt me really bad okay I miss my best friend a lot if you wanna know more just ask okay