Day 5, Speed

My blood rushes through my veins. Paws pounding on the soft earth. This feeling is like ecstasy. The rush the adrenaline. But it is not enough, I need to go faster, I need more speed. Trees whir beside me so fast I can't even see them anymore. The ground is moving so fast under my paws I feel almost like I'm flying. But still it isn't enough, I need to go even faster. This feeling in my body is like nothing I have ever experienced before, never have I gone this fast, never have I gotten the chance. Everything around me is a blur. I can't tell what's what anymore I am moving too fast for that, too fast for this world. I never thought I could move this fast, never though my body was capable of it. But still I must go even faster, I can't get enough of this feeling. The adrenaline pounds through my body and my speed increases even more but soon I feel it. The wane in my stamina, the end to this rush. I slow, I have to my body won't go that fast anymore it is tired, I am tired and I must rest.

(late entry had a very stressful day yesterday)