going for 100% completion here. been done for a few days, but here are the translations of all of last year's Christmas songs. I kind of want to do the AniKuji 2012 stuff too, but the kanji aren't up in my usual source yet, so meh. maybe voice messages?

got back to translating Marui's GakuPuri last night once my Vita batteries died (and so told me to stop playing P4G already). I should make that a nightly routine. /o/

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Noel ~The Faraway Star~ (Noel ~Haruka na Hoshi~)

resounding through
the midwinter night
the holy song tells
“a never-disappearing joy
to all the people in the world”

nowell nowell nowell nowell
a Christmas melody

lighting up the midnight sky
a faraway star shines
“a never-disappearing light
for all the people in the world”

nowell nowell nowell nowell
the arrival of Christmas

look up at the sky and stand
this beautiful miracle is
“a harmony that continues eternally
for all the people in the world”

nowell nowell nowell nowell
a Christmas melody

the arrival of Christmas

Sign of Rebirth

a Christmas Night shining under the town’s lights
the Joyful Light that heals the pain of my heart
the winter deepens as if to test me
amen! surely it will guide me
pledge with my friends to approach the sky of victory

a Painful Night of tears in a darkened fate
Lonely Fight, believing in the return of spring
as I am called the Child of God
amen! I will not hesitate again
with the pride of kings that crushed our foes

the door of seasons locked in heaven
amen! I will finally open it with my own hands
toward the blessed morning; it begins with me

Cool Night

the blue light is (Blue Night)
attack Cool Night
be enchanted by my prowess
on this special day too
I’m not going easy on you

everyone is jealous
attacked Only Night
my Rondo Towards Destruction
resounds tonight as well
the Christmas bells (Christmas Bell)
are shaking

let’s go coolly (cool)
I’m not going easy on you

Something I Want to Convey on this Holy Night (Seinaru Yoru ni Tsutaetai Koto)

I want to see you just for today, more than anyone else
in this one year one special day

normally I hide it behind funny jokes
but I want to convey my true feelings to only you

“If I say it in front of everyone like this
they’ll interfere, so I won’t, but
the truth is, I’m always dreaming of you.
you know, you make my heart skip a beat.”

love is blind it’s really like a poison
there’s no walkthrough for this in the Bible

when I look into your eyes my heart is in ecstasy
hey, come closer you’ll fall on the snowy road

“what, you’re making a face like your heart was just hit by a peashooter.*
you know, it took more courage than during matches? this.
will you... let me hear your answer?”

*actually the worst pun ever. It’s a play on “hato,” for pigeon, and “heart.” Take as you will.


gajumaru gajumaru a large dancing tree
gajumaru gajumaru our souls

this evening, wrapped in this wide night sky
gajumaru gajumaru I’d like it to never end
gajumaru gajumaru to all of you, who are beloved
gajumaru gajumaru I’ll tell you
today, eat all you like and then drink all you like
gajumaru gajumaru and sometimes gouya

HO HO HO! Have you been good children, everyone? HO HO hohohoho... what are you saying, there’s no way I’m Eishirou, right? Please look at this beard and these clothes, I’m Santa Claus. It’s nice to meet you. ...by the way, everyone, how about we call this sparkling gajumaru a Christmas tree? I made this during a break in club activities... what? “Give us presents”? Haha, do you want some? I guess it can’t be helped.

Oh Christmas eve, Christmas eve, Ficus microcarpa
Holy night Tree, Holy night Tree, that is a gajumaru
one per person is the rule, don’t crowd
gajumaru gajumaru a large dancing tree

Okay, everyone, get in one line. There are a lot of different things. There’s one whole, and one sliced, one pickled in rice bran, one made into champuru, and there’s also tempura. How about 100% juice as a curve ball? All right, choose whichever gouya you like... w-what is it? All right, choose the one you like. Where are you going, everyone? Please wait, please waaaaaaait.

*written as “tamashii” but he reads it as “soul.” It means the same thing in the end.

(Gajumaru is Ficus microcarpa and champuru is an Okinawan dish. if you google it you will find.)

Desperate Situation Christmas (Zettai Zetsumei Christmas)

I’ll do it tonight a Party Night with me!
the preparations are perfect get dressed up!
I got it beforehand a special present
the contents are a secret look forward to opening it
the atmosphere is different on Christmas

powdery snow is falling from the sky it’s cold outside!
the tree glitters in the bustling city
the cold wind will make my stomach freeze
desperate situation Christmas

I’ll do it tonight Tonight is special
I’ll do it tonight Tonight is special

a frozen gait hey, this is bad!
rushing inside at the last moment just barely safe
just when I’m starting to be relieved my stomach roils
desperate situation Christmas
desperate situation Christmas
desperate situation Christmas

the preparations are perfect
powdery snow is falling from the sky

I’ll do it tonight tonight is special... I’ll do it tonight... tonight is special...

[of note: he uses “kimeru” a lot, which I translate as “I’ll do it tonight,” though it’s a bit difficult. in this context, he uses it more like “I’ve decided to do it tonight and finally succeed and stop failing at life forever.”]

Happy Merry Xmas!

let’s go take along your dreams the holy bells invite us
tonight a miracle dances
in the white world Happy Merry Xmas!

ryoma: the snow dances my heart also dances the sleigh runs cutting through the wind
fuji: because today is a special day a beautiful, fun Christmas HEY!

let it ring the sound of dreams the throbbing rhythm plays a melody
sing and join your voices everyone together Happy Merry Xmas!

ryoma: the crowded city the flowers and trees people and cats are dyed white
fuji: hey, if laughing voices sound out that is the best present YEAH!

let’s go within a dream put a star atop the large tree
tonight a miracle will be granted to you Happy Merry Xmas!
in the white world Happy Merry Xmas!


inui: searching for why I couldn’t match up
where is the weakness that I did not calculate?
kaidou: leave my regrets here stand up from the bench
start running again so that I win next time

both: Hope we won’t give up that is our bond
Hope you are here I can fight again

inui: it is impossible to deceive myself by saying something like “but I did my best”
I won’t look away from the reason for my defeat

both: Hope we won’t give up that is our strength
Hope because there are two of us our power is born

Hope we won’t give up that is our bond
Hope you are here I can fight again

kaidou: I will support you, but I will definitely not spoil you
because it is the two of us we will persevere

A Special Night Is Within the Silence (Special na Yoru wa Seijaku no Naka ni)

shishido: the trembling candlelight Dance! on the ice
a scene seen in dreams Special silent night

ootori: to the cheerful rhythm Sing! on the ice
the place where we write out tomorrow the strongest Holy night

both: these unshakeable feelings the two of us will go in a heated dream

in a quiet time is the nobility of ice
I’ll give warmth to you Merry Christmas

ootori: the pure light like a flower blooming
the accumulating dreams Special silent night

shishido: the ring of the resounding bells rebounds off the ice
the days we passed together the strongest Holy night

both: go to meet the future with the entwined bonds that we gather

the quiet time and the shine of the ice
in our thoughts Merry Christmas

***a beam of light envelops the two of us Dance!
now, when I seize my dreams Special silent night

continue to feel the rhythm that ticks away time Song!
a place where I dance in dreams the strongest Holy night

toward the unshakeable future write out our heated emotions***

both: in a quiet time are countless lights
to the bond between the two of us Merry Christmas

the rhythm echoes Ding Dong! a signal to the future
that we are here** Special silent night

quiet warmth the shine of the ice
wrapped in the emotions of two people Christmas

*the really awkward English in this makes for really awkward translations but I wanted to keep the stupid interjections near where they were. /o/ hope it makes sense ish. also “our” is generally referring to the two of them (written as “two people”).

** written “imi”, for “reason” (or, “the reason we are here”), but read “koto”, or just... nounifying that they are there.

***the part encased by “this” is sung by the both of them in alternating + joint parts. due to the different Japanese/English sentence structure, I can’t assign the parts very accurately in translation.

Funky x Glory Snowball Fight (FunkyxGlory Yukigassen)

yagyuu: the dancing powdered snow
turns the town into
a huge decorated cake
it’s a present from the sky

marui: it’s our style of party too
a match with what we’re given
there’s a no-mitten rule
a snowball fight of princes

yagyuu: hidden in the depths of my glasses
seethes a noble fire
at the holy feast for sure
is a powerful laser beam

both: santa stops his sleigh too
and is fascinated
I’ll show you a miracle ball
happy merry snowball fight

marui: we nimbly trade
concentrated attacks
a magnificent showtime
tightrope walking on the thrill

yagyuu: in place of the beacon of victory
we hang stockings
on the tree
a snowball fight of princes

marui: control that doesn’t let the target get away
always hits a bulls-eye
daredevil technique
the fine play of a genius

both: santa is in high spirits too
we can completely let loose
competing performances
Funky x Glory snowball fight

yagyuu: this is The END of playtime
marui: let’s Go! with a serious match (right?)
both: staying positive at the critical moment
is a technique that gives birth to a chance! (marui: hmph. shikuyoro!)

both: santa also has a prize
we’re eager for a second time
I’ll show you a miracle ball
Happy Merry snowball fight
Shake Shake Give Fever Night
Get There Glorious Today</div>