well its been atmost a moth since i am out of my house..... current;ly living in the states .... i got to say its a different feeling...things here are different than back at home ... but not in the negative way.

i learned a lot since i came over here ... but like i say always theres never enougth knowlage for a person that incaurages them to stop learning

i really miss going to college... it was so fun over there ... and i miss my friends. since i left is like they have split up. I sometimes wonder how strong was their friendship in the first place? And even worst .... i wonder...would they be still the people i love when i go see them again ? i am not sure ....

Apart from that well everything has been alright. Cold behond my wildest espertices. but nothing i cant handle. I am as tougth as a i put my mind to be after all.

Days here sometimes seem empty thougth. Its like everythign seems frozen in time. It scares me at times.

but on other notes i am usually looing for a way to make the most of my time. I hate not doing anything all day - thats no me D:<

Plus i resorted to exercising everytime i get cold

i been using gaia more now .... maube its cause i really feal lonely here ... but enougth about that :O ill keep everyone that cares posted about how i am... and if nobody cares well that is fine with me as well >.> atleast this way i get ll these worries out of my mind and stop myself from gettting all depressed and such u.u