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I saw Dakota Fanning in a car and a large, mechanical hand that was attached to the giant, mechanical serpentine in The Avengers grabbed it. The Hulk was also in there and the two were crying out for help. The car was thrown into the air. This repeated again, except this time the Hulk was thrown out close to the edge of space and I thought he wasn't going to make it. I woke up.

I was with my brother and he was in a wheelchair for some reason. However, his wheelchair allowed him to move quicker than normal, as if he was driving. I had two hoses, which I formed into hula hoops that allowed me to drive. It was difficult and annoying, but I managed to do it anyway.

I followed my brother in the middle of a road where there were houses. As I went along with him, a car was coming from behind us and it was speeding quickly. It didn't bother to stop and could have hit us. We eventually ended up in my house, and the entire place was clean.

I saw the bathroom sink on top of some wooden object below. The sink should have tilted over, since it was only being held up on one end. It was so high that I had to pretty much put my arms onto the counter to do anything. I woke up.

I was in the back bathroom at my old house. I was getting ready to take a shower. I had a towel and my boxers, but I noticed I didn't have a washcloth with me. The shower curtains looked unclean, even though there were other curtains that looked clean because they were completely white.

I picked up these curtains and moved them, then I put down my towel and boxers and I noticed several washcloths neatly folded and put in place. I took one, but I began to defecate as I was standing. I tried to hold it in. I thought I was too late, but apparently I wasn't.

I noticed a drop of urine run down my left leg, but I went over to the toilet and sat down to go to the bathroom. I thought I would be done, but I wasn't. I was now sitting in a school bus with my brother and we saw Thomas from elementary school. My brother began talking to Thomas.

Meanwhile, I was holding myself up above the toilet seat, which was my seat on the bus. I kept myself from touching the seat as I defecated. I kept doing this, even though I thought I was done. I felt like there was just a bit more to get rid of, but it wouldn't come out.

I was concerned with my glans touching the toilet as well because I didn't know who else used it. I was afraid I might contract a disease if there was even the slightest brush. So there I was, trying to defecate as I urinated. I sat down on the seat and pushed my penis away several times from the toilet.

I heard my brother telling Thomas how he was once the fastest runner in school and then for some reason I saw an image like a video playing and Thomas running. I wondered if I could keep up with him, since I jogged. Then I looked back down at the toilet and thought my glans touched the toilet.

I wasn't sure if it had touched the toilet, but I felt dirty after that and thought maybe about using a body wash to clean myself off when I got home.

Thomas said to me and my brother, "I like it when you guys smile. Whenever I see one of you smile, I think, 'I want to grab your ass.'" The conversation didn't seem to go anywhere after that. My brother told me, "Come on, we're getting off this stop." So I got up and put on my pants.

As I walked out of what was now a city bus, I noticed the place didn't look familiar. My brother was walking in the direction the bus was going to drive, but I asked, "Why did we get off?" He told me he was going to buy some pound cake. So I asked which way was home and he pointed in the opposite direction.

So I decide to go in that direction, but my brother says to me, "Hey, f*cker, where are you going?" I told him I was heading home. I woke up.