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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

Silver Nephil
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Not Again
Me: So, anything else you can tell me about this whole...possession thing? Like how it started, maybe a clue to the identity of the two flunkes? Who was "healing" you?
Liz: Ninja's roomie was healing me. The other two were lesser demons.
Me: Okay...do you have any letters from the leader's name besides an S?
Liz: All I remember was I felt this pit in my tummy, then a headache...Suddenly I couldn't control my body and I was snarling.
Me: *frowns* Liz: No, I didn't hear the roomie say his name...because I was laughing madly.
Me: ...*frowns more* Liz: It was something Italian.
Me: Italian? That's...that's just weird. Most of the demon names are in Hebrew.
Me: ...Was the name in Latin? Liz: I was fighting the demon for fifteen minutes.
Me: That was painful, huh? Liz: Yes, that sounds right.
Liz: I clawed myself.
Me: *frowns* Hey, Liz, can I try something?
Liz: Yeah? You don't believe me? Me: No, I believe you. Like I said, I've dealt with these guys before.
Liz: What do you wanna try?
Me: I want to try seeing who decided to hop into you for a while. And while doing that, I'll tell them if they ever do it again, I'll rip their lungs out.
And crumple them up like tissue paper.
Liz: Ninja's roomie got them to stay away.
Me: *grins* Believe me, Ninja's roomie can't put the fear into them that I can.
Liz: Thanks, Silver.
Me: *grabs ring* All right. I'm gonna put a ward around ya. That should keep the beasties out. And if they come around again, well...they'llknow who was by.
Liz: smile
Liz: You're the best.
Me: *takes a long breath, focuses* It's kind of a side job. *starts making the wards*
Me: Oh, and you might see some weird things at the moment. *keeps working*
Liz: Like?
Me: *shrugs* Figures. *keeps working* Flashes of things. Depends.
Liz: I feel safer.
Me: Good. *finishes up*
Liz: ...And there's the flash.
Me: Mm-hmm.
Liz: Thanks Alex. ^w^
Me: Don't need to thank me.
Me: *stretches, sides* So, were you fooling around with anything to get possessed, or what were you doing? Oh, also, do not let Ninja or her husband or her roommate mess with those wards. Do not, do not, do not.
Liz: Nothing. I just...got possessed.
Me: Were you doing anything for Ninja or was Ninja doing anything or what?
Liz: No, I was talking then I felt it.
Me: What were you talking about?
Liz: I felt dizzy. Me: ...What. were. you. talking. about? Liz: Nothing.
Me: ...It might not be nothing, so tell me anyway, if you can remember.
Liz: It was...about James, and they were laughing so I went to the bathroom. I felt pale, faint and dizzy.
Liz: They stopped laughing when I started shaking.
Liz: And that's when I started snarling and they knew.
Me: That sounds like a seizure.
Liz: Second one was more growling, and told Ninja's roomie to ******** off.
Me: And the third one?
Liz: Was the boss, and talked through me.
Me: ...Did Ninja's roomie write down the conversation? What all was said? Can you give it to me?
Liz: I will ask. I was screaming that he was a murderer. It was in WWII, and the roomie abandoned it in death.
Me: Abandoned it? Abandoned what?
Liz: The demon. His past life.
Me: So the roommate knew the demon in a past life and the demon was his...servant/friend/confidante and when the human died the demon was...stuck? Trapped? What? Felt abandoned?
Liz: The convo: You called me a murderer because the demon was an old, old war budy of mine and I was forced to let him die instead of trying to save him. Told you he had a grudge on me lol. He begged for my help to save him and at the time, I was under command of someone else and our commander ordered me to leave him and let him die. He apparently is far from dead though, as we obviously witnessed, so someone must've come across him while he was on the brink of death and saved him.
Me: That's not a demon. Humans cannot become demons in death. Humans cannot and do not become demons in death. Demons are an entirely different creature.
Liz: Oh. Can we change the subject...?
Me: No. So, this thing that happened/possessed you can either be one of two things. Either a ghost decided to vent some spleen, or you had some sort of fit.
Liz: It could of been a bad ghost.
Me: ...Why do you say it was a bad ghost?
Liz: It was strong enough to stop Gabriel saving me.
Me: Who's Ga--the Archangel?
Liz: My guardian.
Me: The Archangel?
Liz: Yes.
Me: ...We meet again, Jibril. And hardly anyone is stronger than him, by the way. It sort of comes with the territory of being the Messenger of Almighty God.
Liz: I felt him when I broke out of it during it. He says hello.
Me: Three years. It's been a while. See you found somebody to watch over.
Liz: He says that this one was chosen by the Lord, that she has felt me in saying the Lord's Prayer. He also says that her grandmother has guided her through school after her death.
Me: ...*sighs, grins* Gabey, Gabey, Gabe, now I remember all those times I wanted to break your face.
Liz: Why? D: Don't hurt him. ;3;
Me: We have history. I can punch the Messenger of Allah in the face all I want.
Liz: What happens if a demon touches the ward?
Me: They fly backwards into the nearest solid object and feel intense amounts of pain and stupid.
Liz: How long will it last for?
Me: If I renew them periodically, forever.
Liz: Wow!
Me: But now I have a question for Gabe.
Liz: He's listening.
Me: When's he not listening? *looks at him, pushes up specs* How're Uri and Azzy doing? And Rapha, what about him? And you better tell me Chris Bailey's okay.
Liz: He says he doesn't know about the others, and says Bailey is well.
Me: That's good. That's great, actually. ...But seriously, how can you not know how the other Archangels are doing?
Liz: He says that he is watching over me...and that I should get some sleep.
Me: Goodnight. =w= And you're still an uninformative schmuck.

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