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It can get messy in here..

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Next scene day at school

Darren is in the courtyard looking around “Oh! Hello!” a girl out of nowhere says he turns around to see kako “I bumped into you before and never got to cordially say I’m sorry” she extends a hand “I’m kako (blank) and that guy over there is Yoshi Yama and you are?” she asks Darren takes her hand not taking his eyes off her. “Darren…Genasis…” kako smiles as they shake hands “Genasis what a strange name… so what do I call you…Genasis-chan…Geni-san…genesis – “ “n-no stop right there.” Darren cuts her off. “Just…call me Darren” he says with a smile blushing “I hope we can hang out sometime… Darren” she couldn’t help but blush “I know we just met but I enjoy your company already” Darren blushes a deep scarlet “I would like that…Kako…chan?” kako shakes her head “just kako…” she says with a grin and waves to Yami who waved back at her she had a sour look on her face as she approached. Wondering why kako took one last concerned look before walking back over to Yoshi to coax him over something was really wrong.

Yami walks up to the gathered three of them slowly, hair oddly positioned over one of her eyes, she seems overly gloomy, and trying to smile. "Hey guys" She practically whispers out, Darren approaches her closer, with a curious, worried look on his face. "Hey Love, what's the matter?" Kako and Yoshi close, giving her curious looks, Darren reaches out to touch the side of her face that was covered Yami flinched and drew back. "D-Don't!" But Darren kept going, brushing her hair to the side to find a big, black eye staring back at him. Yami averts her eyes as they began to gasp eyes wide at the sight, "W-What happened?" Yoshi squeaked out, Kako's mouth wide open in shock as tears sprang to her eyes, "Who did that to you?" Darren demanded, Yami shook her head, pushing his hand back, "Don't worry about it okay?.." The group gave her unsure, worried eyes. "I get into a lot of fights; I'm a tough enough to handle it! Don't worry… Haha... I'm just a bit upset that it happened on my face…" Yami said, forcing herself to lighten up. Darren stood there like he was calculating… ‘this happened last night…I was with her all night…did it happen when I dropped her off?’ he thought back to what she said earlier “well might as well I’m in trouble anyway” could it be she… he thought back to the fearful look on her face before she went back in her house. ‘that wasn’t my imagination…was it?’ without a word Darren took a step forward and gave her a hug. “h-hey” yami said shocked by the gesture kako too joined in followed by Yoshi.

Darren after school one day jams his hands in his pockets and says to yami “Hey! I wanna show you something! I had this idea for a while!” “Oh what is it?” “just wait follow me” he takes off towards the forest and shows her “THE TREE” (Something out of a Disney movie) yami looks at him confused “you braught me out here to show me a…tree” she cocked an eyebrow a bit confused Darren shakes his head and leans against the tree “not just any tree THE TREE” Yami still looked at him confused “for what?” “the perfect tree house” he coaxed her over “you see those three branches right there at the top? That’s perfect for the flooring to go and over there? Is great for the ladder and it can be your getaway, or ours…just for” he looked at her for a moment seeing her hair sparkle in the sunlight. “Oh wow its so pretty!” Kako said bounding over “this is so cool! You said a tree house? Can I join? I’m very handy with a hammer” she’s so excited she’s jittering on the spot.

Yoshi wavers up behind her, giving darren a slit eyed look before hopping up beside yami. "haha, Kako, I think seeing you with a hammer would be scary! I mean, you'll probably kill one of us!"

kako crossed her arms "at least I know how to use handy tools, remember the plumming incident in the room next to your bedroom? you had wring your bedsheets for weeks guess who did it." she beamed "Me" ;3 "Yami knows what I'm talking about right? Remember the look on his face?" he looked like such a drowned cat

Yami let out a giggle, looking over to Yoshi and giving him a reasurring nudge, "Hey.. How about we build it together? I think.. Having all you guys around will make me feel better!" Yami walks a bit closer to Darren, "Is that okay Darren, you found the tree after all?" She asks with a genuine smile, one that he hadn't seen all day. "the more the marrier! having four more hands makes the hard labor cut down significantly "he pulled out a blueprint from his pocket "this is the plan I wrote up during class" (its f*cking detailed as hell) "did you even listen to the teacher?" kako asked looking down at the blueprint "we do have homework..." "already done! He flashed his notes "I studied abroad I'm quick. yoshi looked at the blueprints all cross and muttered behind them all "I studied a broad nya nya nya" mocking darren quietly to himself "where does he get off..." "is there anything you want to change? I did make it a little too complex..." Darren said looking at it. Yoshi stuck his tongue out towards Darren, Yami took a look over the blue prints, the wheels obviously turning, she picked it up. "So.. You expect four elementary school kids to build this?" She said turning it upside down like she didn't even get which way was up, "We should get some tools first, right?" She continued, Yoshi nodding beside her like he'd agree to anything she said

Darren nodded its not as bad as it looks trust me the hardest thing will be the lighting... I have some tools at my house but I only have two hammers and a bucket of nails. Kako raised her hand "we have hammers at our...house. she looked back at yoshi who looked like he was fuming at the idea of using those tools. "great!" Darren piped in "we can go pick out the wood and the carpeting together. and on the way... we'll get some staple guns.."Kako looked shocked "how are we going to afford all-

Darren took a card out of his pocket "charge it" he said with a demented grin and a gleam in his eye.

MONTAGE of treehouse, dropping stuff hammers

Darren by the gate of the school, Yami comes running up a new eyepatch in place, "Ahoy there" Yami gave him a glare, "Yeah, yeah I've already heard all the jokes, c'mon Yoshi and Kako weren't at school today!" Yami and Darren walk towards the treehouse, "Yeah, I wondered what happened to them.." Yami twirls around to look back at him while they walk as they approach the treehouse "Maybe there just skipping?"

The faint voices of Kako and Yoshi talking above in the treehouse, they climb up to find the two of them looking quite sullen, upon seeing the two Yoshi lets out a little sigh, "Hey guys.." Kako lets out, trying to hold back tears. "Whats the matter?" Darren lets out curiously, Yami walks toward the two, sitting between them and drawing the two close. "Hey, hey, why the long faces..?" Yoshi silently holds up some papers, "Whats this?" Yami asks taking it, Darren comes to sit with the group as well. "Well.. Apparent our foster parents don't want us anymore.. They're going to split us up.. and.." Kako started to hiccup with tears a bit, Darren leans in to give her hug, Yoshi looks like he's about to cry as well.

They draw into a group hug, it fades to them all fallen asleep in the same place, waking up Yami jumps, "O-Oh no we fell asleep!" The rest start to wake up, Darren rubbing his eyes, "No big deal we're close to home." Yami tries to catch her breath, "Haha, yeah, that's true.." But seems still worried.

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