So I dropped in on Craig's List for some babysitting ads. Found one, replied to it, got the job. Yay. So now I watch a 5 month old baby three days a week.

He's a cute kid, really. Pretty happy. Except when he's hungry confused

I was already changing his diaper in the first two minutes after Mom left. But it's the one that I changed after lunch that I had to stop and say... Wow. He has to be proud of that. Explosive, creamy yellow crap. All over.

Now, I've never changed a baby boy's diaper before, so I'm not sure of the fine line between cleaning his junk and spending a little too long on it. I mean, I was trying to get it done as quick as possible. But it had this mustardy crap all over it. And you know how paranoid some people can get about how long people spend cleaning their baby's junk. *sighs* Anyway.. I survived my first day.