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Yay It's Molly's Blog!
My Gaian/real life.
Long surveyyy
1. Do you paint your nails?
Sometimes, yeah.

2. How many times a day do you think about your ex?

3. Are you feeling sick?
Yeah kinda ):

4. How many concerts have you been to?

5. What are you going to be doing three hours from now?
I don't know probably going to bed shortly. Lol

6. Do you shower daily? [important question.]
Every other day.

7. Have you ever heard of Led Zeppelin?
Of course.

8. How many days are there in a regular year?[hope you know.]

9. Do you have a cellphone?

10. What kind of deodorant do you use?

11. Do you know anybody who's blind?

12. Do you have nice feet?
Hahaha, what a weird question. And no, feet are weird.

13. How many times do you pee in one day?
Umm I guess like 5?

14. Are you wearing anything purple?
My shirt has purple on it.

15. Do you like yourself?
Yeah, sometimes. xD

16. Have you ever seen Clerks?
No lol

17. What comes to mind when i say.. GREEN?
Grass (:

18. Do you have any set lists that you've stolen from concerts?
No lol...

19. Do you have a color that you room is centered around?
Orange & I hate it. Lol

20. Do you like long or short surveys?
Long (:

21. Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?
Hahaha, yess<3

22. Do you know what ORGANIC means?

23. Can you spell well?
I guess.

24. Do you shorten yourself online? if so, WHY?
What do you mean by shorten?

25. What's your favorite video game?

26. What's your mom doing at the moment?
Watching a movie.

27. Do you like skittles?
Yes I love them.

28. What's your cellphone number?[if you have one.. genius.]
Yeah right...

29. How many words with more than eight letters do you know?
A lot I guess? I don't know exactly.

30. How many times a day are you on the computer?
Haha like all the time.

31. Hypothetically, your internet has died. You have no means of transportation. you're stuck at home. What do you do?
Invite my baby over<3

32. What does HYPOTHETICALLY mean?
It means "if it were to happen."

33. What does the last text message you recieved say?[if you have a cellphone]
My baby told me he has a orange soda and a pretzel haha (I'm jelly)

34. What is your current favorite song?
If It Means a Lot to You by A Day to Remember.

35. What do you smell like?
Miami Glow<3

36. What do you think of Germany?
It's okay? Haha

37. Do you have any siblings? Do you hate them?
I have 3 siblings, and I love them.

38. What is your favorite kind of shoe?

39. What's the name of the last book you read?
Annie's Baby.

40. Do you blowdry your hair?

41. Do you like pens or pencils?

42. What's your favorite drink?
Dr. Pepper.

43. What was the last gift you recieved?
A Neopets card and Paranormal Activity 4.

44. Do you have all of your limbs?
Yes lol

45. Have you ever wrapped something/someone in cellophane?
No haha

46. Were you adopted?

47. What's the closest thing to you that makes noise?
My cell phone.

48. Do you wear makeup?

49. Do you have any action figures?
Haha yes razz

50. Do you own anything with polka dots on it?

51. How many bottles of deodorant do you have currently?
Like 3. Haha

52. Do you play any instruments?
I used to.

53. What kind of chapstick is your favorite?

54. What's your favorite movie?

55. How many REAL Cds do you own?
A lott lol

56. What's one thing you collect?

57. What jewelry are you wearing at the moment?

58. Do you have any aspirations in life?
I'd like to marry my boo, and grow old and be happy together (:

59. What makes you really angry?
When people are rude.

60. Who makes you feel better when you are?
My baby<3

61. Have you eaten anything today?
Oh yes lol

62. Do you have any tattoos?

63. Have you ever set anything other than logs on fire?

64. Have you ever lied about something TRULY important?

65. What shoes are you going to wear today? [or are you wearing?]
My black moccassins.

66. Do you like Hershey's Kisses?

67. What kind of computer are you using?

68. What's one object really special to you?
My rings my baby gave me.

69. Do you like chalk?
Yes lol

70. Do you still have stuffed animals?
You know it! C:

71. What color are your socks?
I'm not wearing socks.

72. What color are your eyes?

73. What's one thing that truly frightens you?
Losing the ones I love.

74. Do you have trouble finding tape?
Yes hahaha

75. What comes to mind when you see "lung butter"?
Like a lung...in a tub of butter...

76. Do you think money is important?
To an extent. You need money to live on.

77. Have you ever been out of your country's borders?
Yeah when I was little.

78. Do you know where Berlin is?

79. Do you like the smell of flowers?
Yes C:

80. Have you ever seen Bambi?
Nope lol

81. What are some things on your wall?
Pictures, drawings.

82. What does your dad work for?
He's retired.

83. What's your favorite book?
A Million Little Pieces.

84. Do you go to the movies often?
Often enough.

85. What's the last movie you saw in theaters?

86. What's a "Carpet Shark?"
I don't know...

87. Do you think you are a lost cause?

88. Did you ever see Reboot?

89. What is the closest thing to you that is magnetic?
Umm I don't know actually lol

90. Do you ever feel like exploding?

91. What color is your belt?
I'm not wearing one.

92. Have you ever played Have you ever?
Hahah yes!

93. Do you like redundance?

94. Have you ever paid attention to something in class and then failed the test about it?
Haha yeah.

95. Are you scared of anything really odd?[something not usually feared]
Yes, holes. ):

96. Do you like vanilla M&Ms or Chocolate?
I didn't know they have vanilla M&M's... 0.0 but the choco ones are good ^_^

97. Have you ever painted a picture?

98. Does your computer run smoothly?

99. Have you ever had rum?

100. What do you think of when you see Demon Hunter?
I didn't see that.

101. Ever watch Spongebob on your own accord?
Haha yes <3

102. Do you have anything in your room that you don't EVER use?
Yeah probably.

103. Who's your favorite poet?
e.e. cummings.

104. How old is your oldest friend?
56 (: It's my mommy

105. Are you lost?

106. Do you know what vulgarity is?

107. Do you like markers, colored pencils, crayons, or oil pastels better?
Colored pencils.

108. What's one big thing you've accomplished in your life?
Graduated high school.

109. Do you have a problem with authority?

110. What's a synonym for Synthetic?

111. What's the dumbest thing you watch on TV?
I don't think anything I watch is dumb lol

112. What's a movie you like but you wish you didn't?
None? I'm not ashamed of the things I like.

113. Are you clumsy?
Yes lol

114. Do you think dead baby jokes are funny?
Haha it depends on the joke.

115. What are three words you think describe you?
1. funny. 2. nice. 3. sweet.

116. Do you read comic books?

117. Do you remember any music from when you were a kid?
Haha, yes! Spice Girls<3

118. What is the strangest name for a song you know?
Start Wearing Purple.

119. What is your middle name?

120. Have you ever seen your favorite band live?

121. What was the last thing you printed out?
I don't remember.

122. Do you get homesick easily?
Yeah sometimes.

123. What is the strangest name for a human youve ever heard?

124. What's one song with the word "green" the title?
It's Not Easy Being Green.

125. What is the last thing you spent money on?
Valentines Day prezzies <3

126. Do you hate waiting?
Yes lol

127. Did you like Napoleon Dynamite before everyone began hating it?
Yeah I still do like it haha

128. Have you ever had a last first kiss?

129. Do you ever have the desire to kill?

130. Do you think roses are beautiful?

131. When do you usually go to bed?
When I'm sleepy lol

132. Do you have a TV in your room?

133. Where were you born?

134. Do you believe that Jesus' tomb has been found?

135. Do you watch Fox news?

136. Do you like Mentos?
Yeah especially strawberry biggrin

137. If a stranger asked you to take a picture with them what would you do?
Ask why.

138. Do you have a chain?

139. Do you think reading Shakesperian type things is simple?

140. Do you think you're materialistic?

141. What is the best commercial you've ever seen?
Weeee! Wee Wee Weeeeee!

142. Do you watch the superbowl?

143. Are you a procrastinator?

144. Have you ever been so obsessed with someone that you lied, cheated or stole for them?

145. Do you often have money laying around your room?

146. Do you know the difference between who and whom?

147. Do you ever ponder someone's incompetance?

148. What's your favorite kind of food?
Southern (:

149. Do you think America is stupid?[if so, my advice to you is:get out]

150. Have you ever played Halo?

151. Are you wasteful?

152. Have you had anyone close die?
Yes. ): <3

153. How many pictures on your computer, approximately?
A lot. Lol

154. Which of these do you like better: Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, or Spades?

155. Are you shy?
I can be.

156. What is one thing that's on your mind all the time?
My baby<3

157. Do you use correct grammar?
Sometimes but it's not a big deal to me.

158. Have you ever been in court?

159. Do you think anybody hates you at the moment?

160. Do you think your nose is shaped funny?
No lol but it's small.

161. What is one thing that really honestly makes you happy?
My love<3

162. How difficult is it to make up questions to find out something about them?
Not hard.

163. Have you ever seen Mythbusters?

164. Do you have something against modern music?

165. Do you like it when people are quiet?

166. Do you have a yearbook from your third grade year?
Haha yes (:

167. Do you have a straw basket?
Yeah somewhere.

168. Have you ever been in love?

169. Have you ever cried hysterically on the phone talking to someone?

170. Have you ever guilt-tripped someone?

171. Do you think you deserve better than everyone?

172. What's one thing bothering you right now?
My back.

173. Do you have a digital camera?

174. Do you think the world is going to end?

175. Do you think Al Gore is a dumb name?
Haha no.

176. What's your favorite animal?

177. Have you ever seen a koala bear?
Nope ):

178. What color is your shirt?

179. What's one thing you can see that you'd rather not be seeing?
Nothing C:

180. Do you know who Kevin Smith is?

181. Do you like popcorn?

182. Do you recycle?

183. Have you ever vandalized something?

184. Do you get excited when your phone rings?
Sometimes lol

185. What made you angry last?
My dad lol

186. Do you let people walk on you?[figuratively]

187. Are you lazy?
Yes hahahah

188. What's the best memory you have?
The day my baby asked me to be his girlfriend. <3

189. Do you ever talk to yourself?
Yes lol

190. Have you had any experience with children?

191. Do you have any secrets that NOBODY but you knows?

192. What do you do with stickers?
Put them everywhereee

193. Are you nice to people on the phone?

194. Do you lie when talking to telemarketers?
Haha sometimes

195. Is there a game you often win?

196. Do posters of people frighten you at night?
Hahahaha sometimes. What if they come to life? o.o

197. Have you ever broken something out of frustration?

198. Ever had such a bad day that you came home and went straight to sleep?

199. Do you think sleep helps solve problems?

200. Do you know what REM stands for?
Rapid eye movement.

201. Have you ever seen Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Yes haha

202. Do you say LOL or HAHA?

203. Do you use Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape or something else?

204. What kind of shampoo do you use?

205. When was the last time you took a bubble bath?
The other night.

206. Do you believe in yourself?

207. What is on your desk?
I don't have a desk lol

208. What color are your sheets?

209. What color is your carpet?

210. Do you read fast?

211. What are you in the mood to do right now?
This lol

212. Why aren't you doing that?
I am...

213. Do you often come up with excuses because you forgot something?

214. What is one of your nicknames?

215. Do you think babies are ugly?

216. Do you regret much?

217. Do you use AIM, YIM, ICQ or Windows messenger?

218. Do you think Canada exists?
HAHAHA yes..

219. Do you like kangaroos?

220. Are you PETA obsessed?

221. Why were you disappointed the last time you were?
I don't remember.

222. What's your favorite lyric[s] of all time?
Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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