The sunset cast a beautiful orange hue over the trees and river at the forest's edge. A gentle breeze rustled through the branches as a young man approached the riverside. His dark hair blew freely as the orange tint shone off his green eyes. He stood no more than five feet tall, he could be no older than fifteen for certain. He wore a very expensive-looking coat; black with red and white trim, over a white shirt and black pants, with black combat boots to match. It was obvious that this boy came from a wealthy family. In his right hand he held a long red staff, then ends of which were adorned with golden rings.

"It's been a long time since I've been here ..." said the boy in a soft voice, "And to be honest, I cannot place a reason on my return.".

At that point, the boy's grip on his staff tightened ever so slightly. His eyes grew narrow as he focused on a patch of bushes straight across the river from him.

"I'd suggest you show yourself now," he said, "And save yourself the embarrassment of defeat." His tone grew slightly colder as he took a step onto the flowing rapids of the river, a thin coat of chakra keeping him from going under.


" As you wish," said a deep voice from the bushes, "After all, a kid your age, dressed in flashy clothes like that ... you'd go for quite a high ransom, I would imagine" and he emerged from the bushes.

The man stood six feet tall at least, black and all muscle, with long red dreadlocks that ended half way down his bare chest. He wore no shirt, but his body was covered in countless tattoos, all scrawled over each other as though he had ran out of room. He wore torn up blue jeans and the standard shinobi combat shoes; white in color. All in all, this man was a fearsome sight to behold. But the true means of worry would be made clear as he unsheathed his weapon; a large ax. Just your average wood-cutting ax, but about twenty times the size. Easily large enough to cleave man or beast in two with a single swing. He grinned as he hoisted it over his shoulder with ease.

"Are you sure you wanna go down that road with me kid?" he taunted, securing his grip on his massive ax.


"Yes," said the boy, "But I'm not sure it's a trip you would enjoy." he added. He then took a step back onto the ground from the river, and brought his staff back so that it was perfectly straight behind him. A look of pure confidence covered his face as he got low to the ground, digging the end of his staff into the dirt behind him.

"Well, let's start." he said impatiently to the man who stood across from him.


The man wasted no time. In a flash, he was dashing across the river, his ax hauled back behind him. A massive jet stream of water blasted behind him, following his path. When he was nearly four feet from the boy, he vanished from sight, pulling his ax back as if he were about to strike. He would reappear just a couple of feet behind the boy, already swinging his ax down in a large arch, towards the kid's head.


"Hmph!" the boy muttered with a smirk. Both he and his staff would then blur and, within an instant, switch places; with the boy's feet planted firmly in the dirt, leaving the staff to absorb the entirety of the force behind the man's ax. At this point the man would feel his chakra patterns shift, and decrease slightly. At the same time, the boy's staff tool on a blue glow.

"You'll need a lot more than brute force to beat me, I'm afraid. And if you plan to stick to close range combat, I truly wish you luck." he said, "I may be a mere Genin, but I have skill enough to build an army.".

He smiled innocently, then gave the man a quick death stare as he pushed up on his staff with surprising force, hurling the man into the air above. Once the man was airborn, the boy drew back on his staff and hurled it through the air towards his vulnerable opponent. When the staff got within ten feet of the man, a long golden spike emerged from it's skyward end; the staff was actually a lance.

"I suppose it's over ..." said the boy as he watched his weapon soar towards his opponent.


The look of fear in the man's eyes was now obvious. His heart near skipped a beat as he gave his ax the mightiest of swings, barely connecting with the tip of the lance. Though it only connected by a mere inch, it was enough to knock the weapon off course. However, it still grazed his shoulder, but the damage was minor. With that, the man straightened himself up in the air and plummeted to the ground, creating a small crater when he landed.

"Well now ... for a kid, you've got some guts." he said. He then spit on the ground and tightened his grip on his ax. A small trickle of blood made it's way down his shoulder, where the lance had made it's mark. The man then hurled his ax at the boy with amazing force, being sure to miss him purposely. The ax made it's way into the forest behind them, cutting down tree after tree, before turning back like a boomerang and heading back towards it's wielder.

At this point the man strung together some quick hand seals and, in a flash, his ax, and the entire path it had followed up until now, had been set ablaze with a glorious fire. The flaming windmill of blades rampaged through the air towards the boy.


Another small smirk crossed the boy's face. He threw himself low to the ground. The ax whirled over his head, small flames falling all around him, causing the air he was breathing to burn his throat. But suddenly, it stopped. The ax simply stopped spinning, dead in it's tracks. The flame dissipated, vanishing in a burst of blue chakra, as did the flaming trail that followed it. The ax then fell lifeless to the ground. The boy stood straight and held his lance back far behind him.

"This special lance ..." said the boy, tightening his grip on the lance, pointing it straight at his opponent, "... It can be used as medium to absorb chakra from my opponent and their jutsu. It can then use that chakra to strengthen itself in some pretty spectacular ways."

With that a sonic boom erupted from the butt of the lance, like the flames from the space shuttle, blasting the boy forward with unbelievable speed. With the naked eye, there would be no way his opponent would be able to follow his movements. Within an instant, he would burst past his opponent, the sharp lace tearing the man's right arm off at the elbow. Another small burst would erupt as the boy stopped behind his opponent, stood on the raging rapids of the river.