In the idea of a revolution, I laugh, because I can see quite the First-Person-Shooter, Call Of Duty mindset.

In all revolutions, I see a common trait; identifiable attire, all those on one side wore this, all those on the other side wore that, but even more-so, I see people who refuse to even subject themselves to wearing identifiable clothing.

I dated an air force mechanic for a few weeks. The oddball thing about this was that he told me all he does when he doesn't have work to do during his shift is sit on YouTube and look at memes all day in his aluminum-laced room. (That's mostly what we did together, lol.) He was a person who would randomly go into this self-defensive mode that wanted someone to start something with him so he could beat the sh*t out of them. He also mentioned things like blowing up a Wal-Mart and claims to have gotten stabbed at work and had a timer on his phone that stated how much longer he had till "Freedom" of getting out of service. (I still kinda miss him...)

Now, the thing about this revolution people keep talking about is that the actual willingness of which side of whoever's ideologies manifesting within the military would actually determine their ability to do something in regards to what side of the revolution they would pick. Long story short, I see a "griefer".

If this revolution were to start, the idea of someone like him 'accidentally' forgetting to hook up a fuel pump, or whatever is on those planes (no idea), I see the military blowing itself up from the inside-out before they ever get out of the hangar. (which is hilarious in and of itself) You know why that is? No one has anyone to actually fight for despite how much they claim to be protecting people, including the fact that during those other revolutions, the anarchists were still sitting in their houses taking a goddamn sh*t.

In order for this "revolution" of "tyranny" to even take place, you'd actually have to remove everyone from their houses so that the First-Person-Shooter environment can actually take place, and with the advent of citizens having sniper rifles, it brings the idea of having some random text pop-up saying "ZenDemon has joined the server", and that you'd see nothing but "Campers" ruining The Game.

I mean, what's going to happen? Is some Westboro Baptist Church advocate going to knock on the door saying, "We are recruiting in the name of God to take down the tyrannical gay rights advocates. If you are interested in fighting this war that's happening two blocks down the street, we have guns we will be willing to give to you."?

"Hey, I'm fighting in the name of God." This whole revolution, despite me not actually liking the people in office, would give me, and other people as well, the chance to say, "Well, you guys can take on the heavily armed ones. I'm just gonna go after these people over here."

That's the point with the whole revolution; no one legitimately has a reason to pretend to be on anyone's side for whatever reason. If I had a sniper rifle, I'll just open a window upstairs and look for whoever, For Great Justice. "Weretindere has joined."

If someone like Old Blue Collar Joe or my uncle were fighting alongside me in this revolution, and we managed to reach the Final Level, you can bet your damn ass they're getting a bullet in the back of their head so I can be the one that finishes off the Final Boss and gets the 1,000,000 point bonus.

Like I said in a previous post, "Why should I fight for you, and why should I protect you?" I'm dealt with numerous attacks on my intelligence, my lifestyle; everything about my life, and the way these people behave on this site, there really isn't a reason why I shouldn't blow a hole in your head the second you gun down the Congressmen. I can pretend to be nice, too.

You know the funny thing about it? Due to my lifestyle, they pretty much acknowledge that I am the homicide/suicide type of person. I am the Jared Loughner, I am the Adam Lanza, but people just like to keep pushing my buttons and saying, "You won't." and expect me to listen to them. Do you know how much I try to keep what little composure I have on this forum?

Everyone expects some textbook, black and white revolution. I'll be there to prove to you that those stories are nothing but lies, I'm not taking anyone's side, and I'll probably just sit here, take a sh*t and read the news about all of your deaths and cheer every time. (like I already do) Just don't take down my internet connection, you'll seriously piss me off.

You'll have the KKK in one corner, the WBC in the other, the Black Supremicist-type in the other and the Homosexuals in another. Don't forget Anonymous with their masks... hey, identifiable attire; nifty, just like the KKK, but they're not with the KKK, because they're just as much ready to kill them as the KKK is willing to go after atheists, the atheists want to take down the WBC and the WBC will be going after Anonymous. You played a Real-Time-Strategy game like Total Annihilation or Command & Conquer before, right? You know when you set it for a 4+ player skirmish, right? That's what you'll get. I'll be the one logged in as the "Watcher". Go play Red Alert 2 and set it for a map that allows 8 players and set them all as "America." Enjoy the outcome.

I still will be happy if they all died tomorrow.