Looking behind us, the zombies are becoming visible again,"Can you run?"
He nods,"Yeah, let's get out of here."
I nod and we start running. I keep at his pace, even though I could run faster. The lack of water makes it hard to run, but we have to keep going. I'm not that worried about the others. They have supplies and probably wont have to deal with many zombies. The thought of cutting into one of the building's crosses my mind. Looking behind us again, I see that they are drawing closer. Suddenly, bullets are fired from infront of us,"Luis, to the left!"
We run to our left, ducking into an alley. I look at Luis,"You alright?"
He doesn't respond, instead he holds his side. I help him sit against a wall, then move his hand. I see the blood and where the bullet went in. Looking at his back, it seems it didn't exit. Luis looks at me,"Leave me. Please, I'll only slow you down. You have to get to teh others and get out of here."
I shake my head,"We're getting out of this together, end of discussion. I'll carry you if I have to, but I'm not leaving you here."
I hear the gunfire stop suddenly,"Listen. I'll be faster if I carry you. Hold onto me."
I turn and he puts his arms around my neck. Then, I lift him, holding his legs.