Duration: February 2007

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Count of Monte Cristo (Edmond Dantes), Baptistin, Bertuccio - Me

Albert de Morcerf - Diue de la Mer

Comments: This is not the complete log. The second half is forever lost because of a misplaced HD.


Albert walked around the ship, feeling slightly nervous. The Count had invited him on this trip and he wasn't sure what to do at the moment. He was very fortunate to be with the Count, since he had grown rather fond of him since they had first met on Luna. Of course because he was rather naiive, he had put complete trust into the Count, having no idea of any planning that his marvelous host was up to. The brunette was happy to be here, he was just rather nervous at the same time. Afterall, he had never really gotten to be alone with the Count before, if you could truly call it alone. There always seemed to be something on the other's mind, though he had never asked. He didn't want to over step his welcome.

The blue eyed male thought back to Franz. His best friend had not seemed happy about his trip with the Count. He wondered what Franz's problem with the Count was and probably wouldn't understand or accept it if he did know what it was. He knew that Franz didn't take a liking to the Count like he had. He wasn't sure why that was. He didn't understand why his blonde haired friend didn't see how wonderful the Count was. He certainly saw it himself, so why couldn't Franz? Perhaps there was just something that Franz couldn't accept about the Count, though he didn't know what it could possibly be.

Now that they were already in space, he walked over to the closest window and looked outwards. He sighed contently as he watched the stars outside. He wondered what he had done to deserve the chance to be both in space and with the Count. Whatever he had done to deserve this, he was very happy that it had happened. He told himself that he shouldn't swoon though. He was a man afterall and didn't want to seem like he had a school girl's crush on the Count. He thought about that for a few moments, before shaking his head and just paying attention to the stars he could see out the window.


He was not surprised to find the youth, standing by the window and admiring the stars. This was a rare trip away from the daily circumstances that both gentlemen had to deal with. Albert was far from his restrictive family and friends. And he...

The Count clutched at his heart as he watched the boy from a distance, as he was about to make his way to where the brunet was. Unlike the youth, he was unable to leave the burdens of his heart: his thirst for revenge and bloodshed behind. It would always be there.

To make matters worse, the whispers... silent reminders of what he had yet to accomplish lurked in the recesses of his mind and in his still empty heart. Gankutsuou often crept up from those dark places and spoke to him like a tempting devil with tales of his past: Mondego's betrayal. Mercedes' abandonment and now this...

This beautiful youth with his father and mother's blood: betrayal incarnate. Albert was the seed of evil.

But despite all that he could not bring himself to completely hate the boy. Somehow, he had managed to make a nest inside of him and he was actually fond of the youth.

"Enjoying the accommodations? I hope so." The man chuckled as he finally made his way to the him soundlessly, "Welcome aboard."


Albert had not noticed the Count was near him until he heard his voice. He had already been nervous and now that the Count had 'snuck up' on him, his heart beat quickly. He put his hand over his heart to calm himself down as he turned towards him and smiled contently. "Ah, Count. Thank you. This really is a lovely ship and I'm very thrilled that you invited me to come along with you." He spoke in response, hoping that he wasn't blushing like he was sure he was.

He dropped his arm to his side, telling himself to relax. There was no reason to be so nervous. He was here with the Count to relax, not to be so tense. He wasn't sure why he was so tense anyway. Perhaps it was because the Count had snuck up on him. Or perhaps it was because he was with an incredibly attractive- he cut his thoughts off here, not wanting to continue that sentence in his mind and make himself all the more nervous.


The man nodded and took off his hand then turned towards one of the platforms to operate some of the equipment in the interiors. He knew the ship like the back of his hand and could run it blindfolded. A part of him felt like a show off as the large monitor display descended right in front of the brunet's eyes. But he could not help himself really. Beyond the revenge and hurt, the Count was still a sailor and loved the oceans of space and all it's wonders: the stars, the moons and it's distant planets.

"You should," he remarked as he punched in the appropriate codes for the display to cover the parts of their trip that Albert ought not to miss, "Other than that, today is but the memory of tomorrow. Savor it while it's young. Albert. You'll never know."

After hearing the desired clicking sound, he smiled at his handiwork and watched the star formations and other celestial bodies show up on the display. He made his way back to the boy's side and point them all out in detail.

Even after all these years, such knowledge was still kept in its entirety in his heart.


Albert blinked when he saw the display screen fall down to his eye level. He watched it with interest, listening to the Counts explainations, paying attention to each constilation that the other pointed out, thinking that they were really all incredibly beautiful. He wondered if he would ever get another chance like this. To be up in space with the Count. He hoped that he would, but didn't know if he would ever be so fortunate as to receive a chance like this. He thought about what the Count had told him, about savoring the time he had. He wondered how to best do that.

"...Count?" He said lightly after he had just been explaining another set of stars. "...I just wanted to say that if there's ever something you would like, please let me know. You've done so much for me and I feel that I should find some way of repaying you for the kindness that you've shown me." He said lightly, suddenly slighly nervous again, though he tried not to show it.


Edmond was poised to share about the star group of Aquarius when the boy spoke up. He was so ready to point out the stars and how they formed the famed boy child of legend. Albert suddenly speaking to him had caught him off guarded. But of course he did not have to know that. The Count heard him out, listening to each word and lilt and perhaps even the emotion behind them.

Such an innocent... he thought to himself as he smiled once more. The boy never failed to make him feel so bittersweet. It was such a pity that in the days to come, they would be deprived of these quiet moments and be plunged back into the reality of their situation.

The artificiality of the world, the imposing egg this poor chick was encased in.

He would play the cruel devil and expose the boy to the outside world, demanding he respond to the plenty of impetus for change and of what everything really was than how they were ought to be. Twisted as it was, such a role had been decision out of anger and pent up frustrations. To turn upon this child and make him suffer just as much as his traitorous parents.

But today, looking at Albert, it never crossed his mind that by playing that role, he would be able to help the boy. Nobody else would dare try to take that responsibility and give him the honor of the truth now. Definitely not his parents. Or his so called friends. So only he could do it...

And if you think about it, this was out of love...

He stopped himself. Love?

"...Dear Albert. What are you saying?," he chuckled, "You owe me nothing in the world. Worry yourself not of such things. Remember. This is a retreat. A moment of peace."


Albert had no idea what his parents had done to the once Edmond Dantes. He hadn't the slightest clue that his father, along with others, had framed an innocent man in order to be with his mother. Not at all. But how was he supposed to know this now? His parents would never tell him something like that. Not when they didn't talk about it amongst each other.

Albert still smiled at the Count, though it was rare that he didn't smile at the man. Not when he was happy to be with him. "And it is peaceful here. I always feel at peace when I am with you." He said without really thinking. Though then again, Albert usually said whatever was on his mind. "But even so, you have saved me when we first met, and have ever since shown me such kindness. I would hope to some day return the kindness which you have shown me." He said as he smiled. He really did appreciate everything the Count had done for him. He watched the other for a few moments, before his blue eyes turned back to the screen in front of him in order to look back at the stars. He was in space with the Count, what could be better


The Count nodded and then cleared his throat to continue onto their brief guide to the galaxies, starting off with familiar star clusters and their tales before he moved on to showing the boy what lay beyond those stars which were other far flung galaxies either discovered or was uncharter territory.

"Aquarius is said to be the portrait of boy who holds a cup of bounty for those who are lucky enough to part take of it. This child, Albert, is none other than the cup bearer of the the Olympians, Ganymede. A beautiful child who had managed to bewitch the most powerful the Olympians with his energy and youth. Zeus watched over his love day and night, until he found the opportunity and took him away for his own to the home of the gods. Granting him immortality and youth for all time..."

Edmond's gaze was upon the boy the whole, as he listened to his own words, feeling the irony of the situation.

Like the elder God, did he not steal the boy from everything and everyone that loved him so dear?

And here they were away from it all, in the middle of space...alone together.

The Count was suddenly tongue tied. Turning to his left, he picked a glass of water, drinking slowly as he thought out his next deal of actions.


Albert listened to the story that The Count told him about Aquarius, finding it certainly interesting. He didn't really think of the fact that the story related to what was going on now. Of course he was a bit slow when it came to figuring things out anyway. So for now, he just smiled, thinking that it was certainly interesting to listen to. He wondered how the Count knew so many different, and interesting stories. He was always interested to hear what he had to say. He always listened to whatever he had to say.

Albert looked back out at the stars, smiling to himself. "It really is beautiful up here. I'm happy to get the opportunity to relax here with you." He said lightly. "Things have been somewhat... Hectic as of late." He wasn't sure about hectic as much as tense. Things had been incredibly tense. Especially whenever he was with Franz. "But I am quite thankful that I am with you, because I feel I can truly relax and feel calm when I'm here."


"I see," he declared lowering the half full empty glass of water back on the side table. Clearing his throat he reached up for the touch panel portion of the screen and zoomed out of the portion they were looking at. Edmond allowed the child to see the Milky Way in it's entirety, allowing him as well the privilege to also appreciate the beauty of the swirling masses of so many stars. "When you realize just how tiny you are. A speck of dust in the midst of all these stars, you will then realize how frail your humanity really is..."

The Count then swirled a finger around the image and pressed his hand upon the screen and looked at Albert. "We find things around us so bothersome and difficult, allowing it to swallow us whole. Making mountains out of anthills. It's a sad but amusing reality of life to see men and women waste away devoted to just one thing."

And once more, he spoke from experience: his hatred and his feelings of hurt making themselves apparent once more. There was something about Albert that just made him trust the child. If only he could ignore the voice that would tell him that this was the proof of their betrayal...

"You are young. Do not hold on to petty desires like nothing else will pass you by. There is more...far more than you could ever wish for now that will arrive."

Albert watched the Count for a few moments, then frowned. Without thinking, he reached his arms out to hug the other. He stayed still against him for a few moments, then pulled away. "...Everything you say is always so wise, but it's because you've gone through many hardships isn't it? I can't help but think that I would be angry at the people ho caused you to feel hurt in any way." He said, having no idea that those people were in fact his own parents. "I won't ask what happened, because it is not my business, but please, if there's ever anything I can do for you, please tell me."

He just wanted the Count to be happy. He enjoyed each act of kindness and each smile he received from the Count, but even he understood that there was more to the situation than just that. He knew there was something that had a heavy toll on the man and he wished that there was something he could do to lessen the pain that the other still clearly held.


The Count was emotionally caught off guard by the kind gesture from the boy, half of him appreciated it and wrapped his arms around the other a few moments later. The other half of him smiled wickedly, glad to have taken the boy's sympathy and chuckled cruelly. Oh the irony of the situation... If Albert knew who he was speaking of... Such careless words.

Smiling in appreciation, he pressed his fingers against the brunet's lips and shook his head, still keeping their embrace. "You must not be so impulsive with your words. I do understand your youth afford such careless abandon but... Like what they say, it's always a different matter when you begin to perform what you declare, Albert. Think."

He then pulled the boy closer to his chest and couldn't help but see himself in his youth in the wide blue eyes that looked up at him in innocent admiration. Seeing the brunet this way, it broke his heart a little.

Without thinking, Edmond pressed his lips against the soft brown hair and quietly prayed.


Albert was a little surprised to feel the Count's arms move around him. He tensed for a moment, then relaxed and leaned against him. He thought about what the Count said and wondered what was wrong with what he was saying. He cared about the other, so what was wrong with wanting to help him out? He wasn't sure, but didn't question. For the moment, he just leaned his head against the Count's chest lightly, relaxing against him.

He thought that perhaps he shouldn't get so comfortable, but at the moment he couldnt' help himself. He sighed out contently, closing his eyes. He just wanted to stay near the other. Surely there was nothing wrong with that either. At least not in his own mind there wasn't. He was surprised at how content he felt in the Count's arms. There was just something that made him think that he was completely safe like this.

At the cockpit, the two pilots Bertuccio and Baptistin were watching over their employer from where they were. The Count has instructed them to keep a close watch upon the boy especially as they were alone now. There was no telling what could happen next.

In what seemed like a very appropriate time, Baptistin then changed the soft background music that had been playing for over a time to something that he thought would make the scene seem more meaningful. His larger, huskier counterpart took off his ear piece and snapped at him, telling him not to meddle with the Count's choice of music.

"Whoops. I pressed the button already. Let's hope it just works it's magic," grinned the other as the other growled, returning the earpiece back.

The Count blinked at the sudden change of music. They were listening to songs from the compositions of Wagner and other German composers. Why in the world did it skip his favorite Russian pianist and move on to Nessun Dorma by Puccini?

He slowly unwrapped his arms from the boy and shook his head, looking at the stealth cameras as if looking at the wall blankly, glaring. He knew it was Baptistin's doing no doubt.

Sighing to himself, the aristocrat turned to Albert, offering his hand and then asked, "Are you hungry yet?"


Albert was surprised to hear the change of music. He looked around, wondering exactly how it had changed, not knowing that there was anyone watching them. He rather enjoyed the music though. He was a fan of any classical music anyway, so as far as he was concerned, it was a nice choice. When the Count let him go, Albert told himself not to look disappointed. He looked around and then returned his gaze back to the other male, seeing him hold out his hand. He smiled and reached out to take his hand. "Hmm. A little. Not too badly though." He answered in response.

He wondered why he enjoyed being close to the Count. He knew he found him attractive in general, and he knew that he cared for him, but he was unsure of exactly how deep those feelings went. He didn't know how to figure that out either.


"I see. I suppose it would not hurt to be able to enjoy the rest of the facilities of the ship. Let us go, Albert. There is still much to show you."

He beckoned the teenager towards him, pulling him close until they walked side by side. Once they were so, the Count draped an arm over Albert's shoulders and continued their little tour about the airship.

Edmond told the youth of the fact that prior to his use, the airship was a cargo vessel of great prestige. It was the finest of it's day and still is. He also shared how he managed to acquire the ship for his own and subtlely hinted that it was his weakness never to settle for less than what he deserved: the very best there was. Of course the man was careful not to spill about the fact he once manned this ship and it was basically nostalgia's dictate upon his person.

"Here we are." They arrived at the common dining area where crew, passenger and other folks up on aboard would come together to have their fill of food. When this had come to his ownership, he had the place remodeled, making all places equal as the other as he believed that there were to be no class distinctions now. Everyone was equal: hungry and thirsty as the other. There was a buffet being served there with steam and warmth apparent from the metal serving platters and dishes. The Count motioned to the modest selection of food, handing Albert a plate as he did so.

"If you wish, you may come back up until midnight for servings of food and drink. Past that, you will have to wait till morning. They also need their sleep and rest just as much as we do."

Frankly, the ship was too quiet, almost eerie. Almost like they were the only ones aboard really. So it made one wonder: what staff?


Albert leaned a little against the Count when he felt his arm around him. In fact it kind of surprised him, but he enjoyed being close to him, so he was quite fine with it. In fact he welcomed with open arms any time that the other was willing to give him some sign of affection. Upon thinking this, he knew that he had a slgiht blush. He shook his head quickly and followed the Count to the dining area, looking around as they reached the room.

The boy smiled to the Count. "Ah, yes,I understand. This will be all for me tonight anyway." He said lightly. He took the plate that was given to him, smiling after getting a small selection of food to eat. He wasn't too hungry, but enough to get a little bit to eat so he wouldn't get hungry later. He slowly started eating, looking around the kitchen. He wondered why he couldn't hear anyone else around, but didn't ask, not wanting to be rude. "Mm, this tastes good."

After he was done with the selection he had made, he looked towards the Count. "Where should I put this?" He asked about his empty plate, unsure of where he was to set it down.


The Count himself was also getting his own servings of food, placing small amounts of everything with an exception to those he personally liked and motioned to the empty end table. "There. That table is intended for the dirty dishes and such. There should be a personnel who should come out in a while to pick them up."

He picked up a few slices of bread, taking the choicest little bread pieces for himself and admiring the creativity of the bakers he hired to come up with such neat little twists and twirls on the pastries. Picking up a small cake square, Edmond sniffed at the icing and smiled. It was easy to tell that the ingredients were finely mixed and you could smell the lemon rind. The aristocrat momentarily slipped out of his elegant character as he dipped his finger in the icing and put into his mouth, sucking the digit so he could have a taste.

After letting it melt in his mouth, the man let out a sound of approval and took an extra slice with him. Looking over his shoulder, he wondered how Albert was fairing so far with the large buffet.


Albert put his empty plate on the table that he had been indicated towards, then looked around to see if there was anything else he wanted. He had eatten some bread and a small helping of some meat that he wasn't sure what it was, although it did taste great. He was looking around to just see the other choices, then glanced back to the Count in time to see him try the icing, which made him grin slightly. "So, even you try icing with your finger." He said with a small laugh. "Well, that makes me feel a bit better on my own behalf for eating with my hands sometimes." He said as he smiled contently to the Count.

He leaned back against a table near by him. Usually he would convince himself to be more classy than this and stand upright, but this was a time for relaxation. The Count had said it himself. So he figured that there was nothing wrong with leaning against the table.


A hearty chuckle escaped the self made man's lips as he placed his selection of food on the table so he could have his fill. "Well. One of my bakers here had quit her job in favor of building a family and possibly opening a small bakery. It would be too cruel to keep her here when her heart ached for something more than just serving this...this unknown gentleman now would it?" The Count picked the cake square and took a sniff of it, smiling contentedly, "The new one has a very different way of mixing her dough. It's very precise and soft. You can taste the whole mix rather than be able to tell the ingredients apart in some servings. Altogether very good. And the cakes...are light and fluffy enough."

Taking the butter knife, the said gentleman broke his bread and filled the insides of the bread with butter one by one. Edmond regarded the youth's hesitation and when Albert finally relaxed, he smiled and continued eating with his hands. Of course when he went on to the main course, the man picked up his utensils and ate.


"Well, I agree with all of that, except I hardly think that you qualify to be an unknown gentleman. A gentleman, yes, but not unknown." Albert said with a smile. "As much as I enjoy being your only companion here, you have quite a reputation. One that would not allow you to call yourself unknown." He said lightly as he watched the Count gather more food. He had decided he wasn't going to eat anymore, but now he decided to change his mind and moved to get a piece of cake for himself. It had seemed so good when the Count was eating it, so he wanted to try some for himself. He picked up the cake and took a bite of it, smiling aftewards.

"Well, your cooks have such excellent skills." Albert had always enjoyed fine food and this was definitely qualified to be fine food. He smiled to himself and continued to eat the cake contently. When he was done, he looked around, seeing if anything else was calling out to him to eat, but decided that the cake had been enough for now.


Surely, anyone would find that the young man was such a naive and overly trusting soul. But unlike the rest of Paris who sought the Count as a possible client, gold mine and even a love interest, Albert's intentions was nothing subject to societal point of views. The boy was simple and kind hearted.

Over a span of a few days, with a good few staged dramas between himself and the boy, the youth and the rest of those around him had grown to trust and embrace him into their lives. Funny, how a simple greeting and a tip of the heart with gracious money could get you that. It definitely told him how morally upright most people were.

A span of few days... Albert no longer considered him an outsider, so much to even introduce him into his circle of friends and his own family. It was his intention in the first place but now that he was here...

The Count chewed on the chocolate cake square and decided to change the topic. "Albert... How often do you have chocolate?"

A simple question but it would be a quiet distraction for both of them.

Especially for him as the nearer the time it was for him to depart from this quiet friendship they had, the more he became more and more hesitant to do so.

Albert was the only human he ever allowed into his heart after Mercedes...


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