I get there and see a shirt in Chris' hand,"Figured you'd want it."
I look at him,"You.....thanks."
I smile, because I have. It's weird walking in public without one, but it's really random. I see that Piers has one too. Taking it, I feel the texture. It's a compression shirt. When I put it on, it takes a longer than usual. It's really tight, and looking down, I can confirm that it is. When you can see your abs sticking out as though you aren't wearing a shirt, it's too small. I look up at Chris who laughs and shrugs,"That was the biggest size they had."
I sigh. Luis,"Hay, we've gotta go."
Looking back, the zombies are coming through the window we exited and the front door of the hospital,"Which road are your parents coming from?"
Chris points to the street next to us and we all run down it's sidewalk. We have to get as far as we can before these things get to us.
We're able to stay a good distance from them, but after at least a half hour of running, it's getting to everyone. Chris, Piers, Luis, and I are alright, winded but could continue. The girls are worse than us, but could run for a few more nimutes. My dad is the one I'm worried about. He is a cop, but the injury is effecting him.
"Chris, lets stop in the store and get water."
He nods and we all run across the street to the gas station. I open the door, Luis the other, and everyone walks in. Before Luis and I can get in, a car comes off the road, heading toward us. I push Luis out of the way, landing ontop of him as we hit the ground. The car hits the door post, in between the two doors, and stops. There isn't a way to get in and the car is now on fire, helping nothing. I get off of Luis, the two of us running to oneof the windows not near the flames. They are inches thick, no way of breaking through them. Seeing Chris on the other side he looks around, then runs toward us after grabbing a paper. He writes something, then puts it against the window. It reads, We're all ok. There's no way to get in here. We have to split up. We'll find a way out, meet us at the end of this street, infront of the Wal-mart. I nod, and Luis and I start walking.