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Stories and junk.
Enjoy, if ya can. c:
Screams of terror filled the whole building. How could one single person cause such chaos?
Arron ran through the halls and into a room, locking the door and leaning on it.
He could see him following. Just walking calmly. Sure that he would get him.
Why had Arron take the job? Why had he agree to work at an asylum. A ******** asylum! He must have been insane himself.
Arron froze, hearing the man speak to him from the other side.
“Come out, dear. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” His voice calm and soothing. As if he were trying to calm Arron into forgetting what he had done. “Please. I want to see you.” The man mumbled. Arron knew better to let him in, but did it anyway. He was hypnotized by the mans voice. He was like a siren.
There he stood, covered in his victims blood, smiling softly at Arron. “You’re so beautiful.” He said in his calming voice and pulled Arron in for a hug.
Arron's eyes were wide in surprise. He looked down, seeing a fellow co-workers body in two.
He pushed the man back, turning around and getting sick. It was like something out a horror movie.
Alicia and Nick, a couple of other workers, came running from the corner. "Arron, stay away from him!" Alicia screamed. Nick had to hold her back as she tried to run and help him. Tears were running down her cheeks.
"Oh...more beautiful people." The man said quietly, giggling softly. Nick let go of Alicia, running for him and tackling him to pin him down. The man's head hit the ground hard and he pouted.
"That really hurt! Why did you do that?!" He yelled.
Nicked looked at him in disgust. "Why did I do that?! Why do you think?!" He yelled back at him. "You murdered almost everyone in this building!"
The man's expression turned blank. "I only hurt who deserve the punishment." He mumbled.
Arron stood turned back to the wall, not able to look at what he'd done. "What do you mean by that?" He asked. The man sighed softly, shaking his head slightly as Nick got off of him, letting him go.
"Never mind, you!" The man said as he stood up, giving a hand to Nick.
Alicia ran over, trying to comfort Arron the best she could. "Don't worry about it, okay? Everything will be fine. It's fine!" She said, hugging him. And, she was truly horrified herself. She rocked him back and forth, crying and resting her head on his shoulder.
Arron patted her back, closing his eyes. "You seem more scared than I..." He told her quietly.
"Well, let's get going." The man told them all, walking off and signalling them to follow.

They met a with another patient. She called the man 'Damage'.
"You didn't kill them all?!" She yelled at him, scowling.
The man, now known as Damage, scowled back at her. "I only punish you deserves it." He said to her, crossing his arms over his chest. "Pyro...you've got to understand. They did not do anything. They have no idea of what happened." He told her, sighing softly. "None of them do."
Pyro sighed deeply. "I suppose so." She said, nodding.
Arron stood there, confused as ever while Nick and Alicia just agreed as if they knew what the two insane people were talking about.
"Can you please explain...?" He asked.
The two looked over, pausing for a second. Damage moved closer to him and touched Arron's cheek softly.
"It's best if you did not know, my sweet." He said and wrapped his arms around him. He held him, not letting go.
Arron sighed. This man has distracted him again.
Pyro looked, chuckling softly. "What the hell are you doing?! We have no time for romance!" She said, grinning as Arron jumped, embarrassed.
Damage let Arron go, turning around to face Pyro again, glaring at her.
"Then, let's move."

Damage held Arron under his shoulder, guiding him as they walked through the building.
"Ugh..." Nick said, kicking a head as they moved. Alicia walked, holding his hand tightly.
"Don't do that!" She yelled, frowning.
"Sorry, sorry." Nick laughed. He couldn't help how he wasn't sickened by this at all. Truthfully, he was kind of used to it.
Alicia whimpered, hiding her face as Arron did. And, Nick now had to guide her.
Pyro yawned, sighing softy. "We're almost there. Don't worry." She said, grinning slightly.
Damage led them all to a room. Another patients room.
As Pyro looked inside, while the others went to search elsewhere.
"Dren!" Damage called. He held Arron's hand, Arron now able to look as they were in a clean area.
Alicia sighed deeply. "Could you explain?" She asked, pouting. "I'm very confused." She said, shaking her head.
Nick brought her closer and whispered to her.
Arron looked back, wanting to know what he was telling her. He knew Damage had told him it was best for him not to know. But, he really wanted to know. He felt left out. He felt as if he was useless because he could not help with it. He wanted to know so badly. But, Damage just wouldn't let him.
He sighed as Alicia's eye got wide and she was horrified at what Nick had said. It seemed like something very serious.
Just as he thought about it, a young boy came popping out from...who knows where?
"Here I am!" He said, opening his arms wide and laughing. Damage patted the boy on top of his head, smiling. "Good. Now, come. We need to get to the home, 182." He said.
Dren scowled. "Don't call me by my number! Or, I'll give the secret away and call you buy yours!" He said, folding his arms and grinning.
Damage nodded, sighing deeply. "Alright...let's get back to Pyro now." He said, dragging the kid with them.

Pyro sat in a chair, stroke a dolls hair, smiling softly. She looked up, seeing Damage come into the door way.
"You look like a proper lady sitting there." He chuckled.
Pyro chuckled softly and stood up, packing the doll into a bag. "I think I have everything dearest to me." She said. "Did you find Dren?" She asked, swinging the bag around her shoulder. Damage nodded.
Pyro gave a nod and walked over, hugging Damage. "Thank you."
Damage looked down at her, a bit surprised at her actions. She hugged, rather then beating him up. He sighed softly and hugged her back as she started to cry. "Let's get moving, alright?" He said, smiling down at her as she smiled back, nodding and whipping her tears away.

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