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I was in an office administration class and we all had to write about a dream that we had. I wrote mine and turned it in. Then I had been given it back and it had been proofread and marked with a red pen. My instructor pointed out that my dream involved sex with two animals.

I learned we were going to read our dream, but I didn't want to because of this. So my instructor was going to have me trade with someone else so we would read the other's dream. She still made it apparent that the other student reading my paper had been written by me anyway.

The other student never got around to reading mine, however, but instead, my brother's dream was going to be read instead by another student. Before she was going to read my brother's dream, he gave a heads up to everyone in the class that he wasn't a *****, nor did he touch these boys.

My brother, nevertheless, said that he had only groomed some and he began to name them off. I thought, "No one cares." Then for some reason, a young, black male was sitting in the middle of the class with a typewriter. The class was noisy, so everyone was saying, "Shh!"

Even though everyone was telling everyone else to be quiet, there would always be one person who wouldn't shut up. The instructor said something and the class got quiet, but some girl had to say, "Shh!" and she was the one making the noise. Eventually, the room quieted down.

The black student began to type his story as music played. He had to be consistent with the tune. I could barely hear him sing while he typed. Once that was over, the instructor went to check on his score. Some other student wanted to help him by fixing an error, so he got rid of a black mark on a the letter "E", which was white. I might have woken up.

I was in a car with my sister and Richard Dawkins. I said to Dawkins, "I'm sorry for calling you 'Richard Dawkins'. I never met you before, so I call you by your full name." Then I began to talk about how I never read any of his books, even though I was a fan.

I told him I should read The God Delusion, but I also told him I watched videos of him on YouTube when he was with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I told Dawkins how I liked his response to Neil when Neil had asked him a question.

I even told Dawkins how I liked Neil's response to someone in the audience who brought up Beowulf and what Neil would want to happen to his body if he was sentenced to death. Dawkins told me, "So I return to Earth to feed the flora and fauna." I was excited and said, "Yeah, Tyson!"

My sister wasn't happy about this. She asked if I was a Christian. She even wondered if I believed in God. I told her I don't believe in that god, so she thought I was an atheist. I told her I wasn't, I was a pantheist. Then I thought maybe I identify myself as such because I am unwilling to identify as an atheist. I think I woke up.

I found myself entering a bathhouse. There was a line and only one shower. I skipped everyone in line and went inside. The shower was small and somewhat filthy. I had a pink toothbrush with me and began to brush my teeth as the water from the showerhead ran.

I thought to myself that I wasn't going to put my toothbrush in the compartment to my right because it looked unsanitary. While I brushed my maxilla, I forgot I was brushing. I heard some girl say she needed something for her jaws. I then thought about my jaws. I continued brushing.

Once I was done with the shower, I wrapped a towel around me, but it was covering from my neck to my waist. I tried to open the door, but the shower was so small that I was worried my buttocks was going to touch the wall, or that my p***s was going to touch the door.

I managed to get out without either thing happening, but I noticed my toothbrush was now in the compartment. I left it and didn't plan on using it again. Once I stepped outside, people were sitting around. I walked down some path and someone was sitting at the end, apparently not caring about my nudity. For some reason, I didn't care, either.

I went into another bathroom where a sink was placed in the center. Something about nihilism came up and someone named Manuel asked, "Would Mach create a car?" I thought, "Someone named Mach could." Then he said, "I know, bad analogy." I woke up.

I found myself entering a building. It was owned by Bruce Wayne and he was with John Blake. Blake seemed to be stoked about the place, but Wayne said he could no longer own it. Still, he wanted to show Blake something. It was the Nightwing costume.

Blake removed his jacket and put on the suit and after he did that, he did a pose. The tips of his thumbs were exposed. He then walked up to a wall and climbed on it because the gloves allowed him to do this. His feet did not have this same function. So he was now on a wall and he looked at us and spun around. I don't recall anything else.

I was at my late grandma's house and I was in the kitchen. I looked outside the window and thought, "If someone tried coming after me, I would know and I could get away. I turned on the facet and touched the cold water. I then walked over where the door was and I noticed the roof was gone and sunlight was entering. I saw a small gap that was supposed to be where a slide to a swimming pool was.

I was inside a room on Gaia. Next to me was a friend I met in San Jose named Michael Angeles. He was also on a computer. There was also a woman who was speaking to my sister about something. Once she left, I asked her if she kept things confidential. I knew she did, but I asked her what my sister was talking about.

The woman didn't want to say, but I asked her anyway and persisted, telling her I wouldn't tell anyone because I don't tell secrets. So the woman gave in and told me about some man named Rudy and some lady, whose name I cannot recall. I told the woman, "See?" to prove that I wouldn't tell because I didn't know who Rudy or the lady were, nor had I seen their faces.

I knew my sister was waiting for me downstairs. So I took my pen and notebook, but then I looked back at the computer and thought maybe I should log out so no one would use my account. I thought no one would, since it was inside the room, but I decided I'd do it anyway. I didn't log out, but instead clicked the X.

I went downstairs and was inside what appeared to be a college or university. I walked outside and it was daytime, but somewhere it transitioned to nighttime. I found myself in a car and everything was black and white, save the color red. Police cars were after me and my brother. I had a handgun with a laser pointer. I used it to shoot at the police.

More came and I would shoot through the windows. I couldn't see their faces, but I could see their forms. This persisted for a while. The car eventually drove into a building, but floated upward and passed through some tunnel. Then the phone was ringing. It was inside this box, which I opened up. My brother told me to take it out, so I did.

I answered the phone and the girl on the other end was Wednesday Addams. She told me she wanted to talk to the pudgy one. At first I didn't do what she wanted, but then she told me again she wanted to talk to the pudgy one. I looked over and my brother was now Pugsley Addams. She told him that he should stay in the car, so we did.

Then the police were surrounding our car and my window slightly rolled down on its own, low enough for an officer to fit his head through. His face changed to some strange form like Felix the Cat. His grin widened and he had the teeth like that of the Demon Hipster Chicks in the Scott Pilgrim film.

I tried to roll up the window and the guard moved his head away. His face looked normal again, but when he got closer, his face would appear strange again. My window rolled back down half way, and once the officer's head got stuck, his face disappeared, leaving nothing but smoke.

Behind me was someone who had his arm on my arm. I turned around and it was another person with the face like Felix the Cat's. I grabbed his head and tried pulling it off. My brother and I got out of the car and it was still dark. He began to walk away and I saw a large, stuffed cat. It said something, so I called out to my brother and told him to get back here. I said it about three times before he did.

I turned around and saw a kitten. I wasn't sure if it would approach me, but it did. I put my hand out to let it sniff me, then it tried to bite me. I pulled my hand away, but knew the bite would be gentle because it was just a kitten. I looked to my left and there was another kitten, but it had a toothy grin like a demon hipster chick.

Behind it was another cat that had a dark red and beige color. I then woke up.