Real (first) Name? Becky
Current crush!? Eh Celebrity... Martin Freeman.
Addiction? Um, tumblr, probably...
How tall am I? 5ft 3 inch
Relationship status? Taken
Girls I trust? Are Girls to be trusted, really?
Boys I trust? Connor
Current mood? Low
When was the last time I did something for the 1st time? Err... I can't think of anything on that front. Watch Supernatural? God, my life is unadventurous.
Confession: Sometimes, I fantasise about punching people in the face.
Who I miss? Grandad.
Who I last hugged? Rosie.
Who understands me? No-one really.
Someone who is always there for me: Dad and Connor
Last Text? Debbie
Who makes me laugh the most? The television...
Who I do the craziest stuff with? Rosie, she's a convention queen!
Who makes me smile? Nice people.
What am I listening to? The buzzing of the monitor and the DVD cleaning machine.
Turn on’s?: Pretty faces.
Turn offs? Dirty talk... It's like wtf? Just get on with it, why do you need audio cue?
Best friends? Rosie and Debs
Second confess? I drool over any pretty celeb on tumblr, because I think I'm allowed.
What I hate? Nasty people, threats and bullies.
Who’s annoying? A lot of freakin' people.
Favorite Sex position? Missionary.
Last person to give you butterflies? Dunno, I have IBS, does that count?