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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

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Lex meets Bilal (Liz)
Lex: *climbs onto roof, looks around, looks at time written on card*

Bilal: *crouched on a rooftop nearby, slips into shadows* Qui etes-vous?

Lex: *spins around, unsheaths dagger, swallows* Je suis Skandar Tazim.

Bilal: Thank you for coming. You are not from here, are you, Skandar?

Lex: Um... No, no, I'm not. *was not expecting that* You knew I was coming?

Bilal: I know everything in this city.

Lex: *shivers* Oh. ...That's, um...that's good to know. *grips dagger tighter* You're Nightrunner, huh?

Bilal: Yes, I am.

Lex: *spreads arms* I'm the deadly hooting night-sparrow.

Bilal: A pleasure to meet you.

Lex: Yeah...um...salaam alaykum.

((What should I do in my post?))

((As Liz or Bilal?))

((Both. XD))

((=w= Liz is your character. And Bilal is a Muslim Paris-born vigilante from the slums who's suffered from police violence and saw his best friend's dead body when he was sixteen. He was just greeted by a strange with the traditional greeting between Muslims, by the way.))

Bilal: Wa alaykum salaam.

Lex: *smiles a little* Heh. Well, that was a lucky guess. Who's more submissive of the two of us, d'you think?

Bilal: That--*there is a scream*

Lex: Looks like it's hero time! Let's go! *runs toward the scream*

Bilal: *follows*

Bianca: *getting mugged* HELP!

Lex: *sheaths dagger, unsheaths hidden blade, drops on the mugger*

Bilal: *punches the mugger onto Lex*

Lex: *falls over with the dead weight on top of him, shoves it off* Dude, what the hell?

Bilal: Sorry!

Lex: He was kind of dead before, y'know. *shows hidden blade* Or didn't you notice?

Bilal: Yeah, yeah.

Lex: *snarls* That's all you gotta say, Frenchy?

Bianca: Thank you.

Lex: You're welcome, but not right now. *stalks over to Bilal* I said, is that all you've got to say, Frenchman?

Bilal: I am not used to a partner.


Bilal: *covers mouth* Yell louder. I don't think the cops in Montmartre heard you. *looks at Bianca* Go home, girl, and forget what you saw tonight. Lex: *squirms* Bilal: *clamps hand tighter over mouth* Do not make me knock you out. *hops up to roofs*

Bianca: *runs*

Lex: *flails* Put me down!

Bilal: We do not kill.

Lex: *looks at him, sighs* Reflex. I mean, because, y'know...ASSASSIN.

Bilal: Still, we do not kill.

Lex: *narrows eyes*

Bilal: Please refrain from killing.

Lex: Or you'll do what? Snap my arms?

Bilal: Worse.

Lex: Oh, really? Try me.

Bilal: I would rather not.

Lex: Why? Afraid I'll beat your sorry French ass into the pavement a few stories down?

Bilal: I do not beat up on my allies.

Lex: *socks across jaw* Too bad! I do!

Bilal: *uppercuts*

Lex: *kicks legs out from under, pins down with arms over head, grips hips iwth knees*

Bilal: Why are we fighting?

Lex: Because you're an ass!

Bilal: That is not--*another scream* Later! Bianca: *getting beaten up* Bilal: ...Scum like these do not deserve life.

Lex: OH FOR f*ck'S SAKE! *drops down onto the men, runs blades through their necks*

Bilal: That was called for. Bianca: *sobbing*

Lex: BAISE TOI, ASSELAH! *drags Bianca up, looks at her with sternest father face imaginable* Go. Home. Right. Now. *opens up a portal, shoves her through* *looks at Bilal, slugs him again*

Bilal: What was that for?!

Lex: Because in American we don't hit little girls, so I figured I'd beat up the cockless wonder instead!

Bilal: ...You'd hit a child?

Lex: ...Are you calling yourself a child?

Bilal: No.

Lex: Good. *kicks in gut*

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