Colin got this game called Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Genesis--it looks ******** COOL. I mean, it's a ******** dolphin getting these crystal powers or some s**t to try to save its family. It's pretty fun as far as I've seen Colin play, even though the gameplay is pretty simple.

Suzu-kun is over, he's trying to work on his paper. He's reaaaally ******** sick tho--he's been coughing like crazy, with some sort of fever/head cold thing. Probably the flu. Good thing I got my shot...

In Japanese today Sensei mentioned something about how, in the twenty years he has been teaching, no one has come up with anything really obscene for the Mumbling Bumbling Nonsense acronym (MBN) we use to describe verbs. Of course, Suzu-kun and I are taking that as a personal challenge... so far, I think the best we've come up with is probably "Minge Biting Necrophiliac," although I really like "Milking Boo-boo Nectar."

Yep, we are going to do soooo well in Japan next year.

Colin is joining the Japanese culture class... just in time for the first test. We did a lot of note reviewing, and it's multiple choice, so I think he'll be okay.

Shakespeare class isn't as hard as I thought I would be, which is a relief. Also, we don't have to do a thirty page single-spaced paper anymore, thank ********. Instead, we're doing a review of a play we see at the Guthrie Theater. I think it'll be really fun, actually. Plus, it's only ten pages minimum, double spaced. Some people actually want to do all the extra work for the three page project, which I can't even imagine.

Man, I'm really tired. I should probably go to bed soon... tomorrow is my fun-filled day of three classes in a row. Whooohooo...

I found a song I like a lot again. The other video I had saved of it was deleted, but I found another one in the sidebar of another song by the same artist. It's a ******** weiiird song tho.

Recently I've also taken up trying to learn some radicals. It's really been helping me remember my kanji.

Also, Golden Knight Garo is a freaking fantastic show. I've only seen the first couple of episodes and I'm already hooked. I have to try so hard not to watch it on my own time. Especially since this week, the stream was pushed back to Friday because of our test tomorrow. Waeeeeeee....

Damn, it's cold for some reason.