Lately even when I haven't even talk to you.
I dream of you.
It kinda aches.
It kinda burns.
It kinda hurts.

I know its not true..
but why do I think of you?

I just wanna bury my head on your chest..
I wanna inhale you're smell.
I wanna just close my eyes and stay like this forever and forever.
I want you to touch my hair slightly.
I want you to brush my cheek gently.
I wanna gaze into you're sensational eyes.
I wanna be embraced by you!
I wanna feel your warmth.
I wanna hear you whisper in my ear, that you love me.
And Only me.
I want you.
Just you.
only you.

but that's just a dream.
My dream.
Only a dream.
So please let me dream a little bit more.