Now today seemed to be like a really crappy day but it wasn't actually all that bad. I think I might end up liking my bio lab because my TA explains the material WAY better then my professor for lecture. Only issue is that we're about 2 weeks behind on material for the lab so we won't get to the really critical stuff in time for the first Exam but I'm just going to review my study guides like crazy in order to do well. Plus they drop the lowest of the first 3 exams anyway so I should be safe if I bomb this one as long as I don't bomb the others. English was cancelled today, not sure why but I have to finish my reading for that class. My Honors class was really interesting, only problem was that no one read this one article for today's class (including myself) I think because it was sent in an email along with other things no one saw it. Oops, made me feel kinda bad. Then a big group of friends and I took the bus down to walmart and got groceries. I bought cereal and am so excited to have that for breakfast tomorrow morning. Ahh the life of a college student, I'm beginning to really enjoy myself.