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Duration: February 2010

This RP is long dead unfortunately. It had a good start but I fell off the face of the earth.



Sixteen year old Sasuke Uchiha, black hair, went well past his shoulders, but ti was done up in soft spikes, his best friend called him teme and he called him dobe. He was the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and younger brother of Itachi Uchiha, protege extraordinaire. Speaking of his brother, he was packing to go and spend the summer with him. How much did his father not like his brother the man wouldn't even talk to Itachi so the fact that he was allowing Sasuke to and spend the summer with him was a real shocker.

In the end he was allowed to go because A: He was sixteen and B: His father wanted him out of his hair because Sasuke would never be as good as Itachi in their fathers eyes. Sighing softly as he threw the last of what he was taking with him into the bag. He would never forget the day his brother left him here. He had been thirteen, three years ago Itachi hadn't come home for his birthday and it was the first year that he hadn't shown up. Sure the past years he had taken Sasuke somewhere else to be away from his father but he was still there and that was the point.

Flopping down on the bed he folded his arms behind his head as he thought about that day, Itachi had not wanted what father had wanted, and his brother being who he was, well he wasn't afraid to tell the man that, he had told his father that he was leaving and Fugaku had told him that if he walked out of the house not to come back. Sasuke had ran down the stairs and flung himself at his brother begging him not to go, of course the man had gone anyways and Sasuke had never felt so abandoned in his life.

His thoughts were broken by his bedroom door being flung open, "The whole summer!" Oh thank you he thought to himself as he pushed himself up on his elbows to watch his idiot best friend rant and rave. "Yes the whole summer." "You never told me." "I didn't think it was any of your business." Naruto looked hurt for a moment before he grinned, "well you should see if you can get a picture." Rolling his eyes he pushed the other man away, "he's my brother idiot."

"Have you laid eyes on him." Sasuke rolled his eyes, he knew that his brother was good looking that was not new to him, Sasuke had changed since the last time he had seen Itachi, he had grown slightly, his hair had grown out, and whether he wanted to admit it or not he had the fine touches of his mother on him, the softness, and yet he was his fathers son. It made both girls and boys want to date him which he never did. "He's gorgeous last time i seen him gah!" It was no secret that Naruto was bi-sexual.

"Look can you take me to the airport or not?" Naruto nodded his head and Sasuke grabbed his sunglasses and his bags before walking down the stairs, his father was in the kitchen with his mother and he stepped in to press his lips against his mothers cheek, "Have a good time baby, tell your brother that.." Sasuke knew what his mother wanted to say but his father was sitting there flipping threw the paper and the thought of his brother made the man mad.

Leaving the house he soon arrived at the airport and got on the jet, a private jet, the flight was quiet and he was growing slightly nervous it wasn't that he didn't want to see his brother but he wasn't sure what he was going to say to him, seeing the man twice in three years was not exactly what he had in mind. His eyes started to feel heavy and soon he was fast asleep walking up when the captain's voice said that they would be landing soon.


Dark circles formed under the elder Uchiha's eyes as he had spent the previous day, his day off mind you, cleaning up his house and making sure it was squeaky clean---clean and presentable, as well as clean of vestiges of his rather shady profession: calling cards, steamy pictures and videos, among other pieces of evidence of his various clients that he dare not name. It was still not on his priority list to tell anyone of his family what he REALLY did for a living. However, Itachi already suspected that his dear father knew what his livelihood really was. If so, he was somewhat glad the old man hadn't decided to tattle tale on him and ruin his image to his mother and brother. Mom might be upset and take it, forgiving him for it and accept him still. That's what mothers do best right? But... Sasuke...

He shook his head as he wiped his brow with a face towel and helped himself with a glass of cool water. The long haired Uchiha could imagine the horror and rejection. Definitely didn't want that.

The wood and glass coffee table began to shake when his Iphone's alarm went off, alerting him that he had an hour to go before Sasuke would be arriving. Setting the glass back on the tray with the transparent pitcher, Itachi let out a deep breath and did one last check in his studio-type apartment, making sure NOTHING suspicious or perverted were lying in wait to be discovered. Once assured that everything was in their proper place (that is in the storage/laundry room under lock and key), he gave himself a proverbial pat on the shoulder and set off to take a quick shower. His clothes were already set on the bed: a long sleeved polo shirt with a buttoned up collar in black that matched his own naturally black hair and a pair of jeans. Beside it was a paperbag of gifts to make up for the special occassions he missed in his younger brother's life. It wasn't enough compensation but at least, he tried.

It's the thought that counts, yes?

Once done taking care of his personal effects and making one LAST check up, Itachi took his car keys from the hook, along with his coat. He locked the door and exited his house, greeting people he knew along the way as he made his way to the condominium's parking space to retrieve his car and fetch his brother already.

There was much to be said and shared no doubt.


He hated landings, he hated landing he hated landings, his fingers gripped the seat as he closed his eyes breathed threw his nose and counted to ten. He felt the wheels touch the ground and he let out a slow breath as he opened his eyes and unhooked his seat belt. Pushing himself up he made his way towards the exit thanking the pilot as politely as he was taught. Sliding his sunglasses on he stepped off the plane and frowned slightly, it was really hot. They would have to go to the beach this summer. He was going to have an amazing time here he knew that, he wanted to dance, wanted to feel the music run threw him but he had a feeling that if Itachi knew what he liked to do for fun he would not be impressed.

Even though he was only sixteen Sasuke knew how to how do you say look a lot older, he also had a fake id which helped a lot. Shaking his head slightly he checked his bag to make sure he had everything, his camera was in there and Naruto's voice entered his head, ' you should see if you can take a picture.' Rolling his eyes once more at the idiot who was miles away from him he grinned slightly before pulling out his phone.

Due to have never been here he had no idea where he was going, running his finger down the screen he came to his brother name and hit the text button, wondering for a moment what the older man looked like, sending him a quick text to know that he had landed he made his way to the gate and stepped out so many people, he felt like he should be holding one of those signs or was that Itachi who was suppose to be holding one of those signs either way.

Hearing his phone go off he pulled it out of his pocket and read the message grinning Shika was complaining already he had just left, it was amusing, him and Shikamaru got a long a lot better then they had once though, both putting up with idiots for best friends, well, the group of people they hung out with most of them were loud obnoxious, and others were clingy and annoying as hell. Making a face he heard his stomach growl, he had never been one for airplane food, and the food here didn't look that appealing either.


One place he forgot to clean out was his car.

Itachi frowned at the burned CDs his coworkers left in the glove compartment. Colorful discs with their names scrawled. One for so and so---then the notorious mix they played whenever they were all out for a private event to psyche up: a compilation of the most suggestive, dirtiest songs anyone could ever consider for a playlist. He gathered them in a conveniently stored paperbag (usually for his motion sick clients) and hid all the evidence of his coworkers there. Personal effects, even...lingerie and pictures. He hid them all there. He tucked the guilty package under the driver's seat, slightly covered by the first aid kit and can of crackers and snacks. Those always helped when they were stuck in killer traffic.

Once that was taken cared of, he felt relieved and more than ready to present himself to his brother.

While he was driving to the airport, he bought some take out, trying to remember what his mother told him about Sasuke's taste in food. Unknown to his father and brother, Itachi still kept sparse communication with their mother. Deep inside, he was still part of the family and often felt homesick, feeling sad and lonely at certain times. Hearing her voice and learning of how things were, helped ease the pain. But when things were amiss, the young adult would feel a pain in this gut and found that he'd blame himself for what was happening. At their mother's guidance, Itachi made it his mission to somehow work behind the scenes and help what was going on.

Maybe when things were...better, he'd try to make his way back into the house from the front door.

Not trying to pull strings and sneak in like a ninja at nightfall.

He missed home.

Running fingers through his hair, he turned to his side and looked at the huge plastic of presents and take out.

This almost felt like the time he bought an army of presents so he could say sorry from a lover in the past.

The coincidence made him chuckle as he found himself arriving at the airport. After the necessary check ups and such, he parked his car and walked off to the greeter's area. In his hand was his Iphone with a recent family photo zoomed in on Sasuke's face.


People slowly started leaving and Sasuke's eyes roamed around he knew he would recognize his brother, right, moving past a few people he moved to one side as a man obviously had not seen him, or had just pretended that he hadn't. He found himself roaming the edges and then he saw him, his back was towards him, but he knew it was him, moving to the side a little bit he took in the side of his face, uh huh. Like he said he knew his brother was good looking, not many people looked like him.

Moving past a few people he kept his eyes on his brother, wondering if he would be able to find him, he really hadn't changed all that much, taller yes, more..he found his eyes running down his brother body before he shook his head, no way this was not happening again. Putting himself in Itachi's line of vision he shifted his bag and soon found himself running.

Throwing his arms around his brother he breathed in his scent, he had missed his brother, way to much, even though Itachi might not have known it there was a time where Sasuke had idolized the man, wanting to be with him all the time pouting when the man would leave his side. He felt like a kid again in the mans arms, and he almost hated the fact that his brother could do that to him.

Hearing his phone go off was what broke him from his thoughts as he pulled away from the older man to check the message, grinning slightly he lifted the phone and snapped a picture of Itachi, he knew that Naruto would be happy and it wasn't like his brother had a bad face on. "Say cheese." Sending the picture to Naruto he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hi." His voice seemed really small as he moved to walk by him, "mom says that she loves you and dad." Okay that was enough talking about that, licking his lips slightly "I'm starving."


Itachi had not expected to be caught off guarded by his brother but relished the feeling anyway. He felt waves of warmth and nostalgia over his person when he felt those familiar arms encircle his person. Things never changed. He smiled inwardly, filled with much gratitude to the deities that Sasuke still found it in his heart to accept him The years---it had been too long. The possibility of it dampening the bond they forged as children was his constant fear and it drove him nuts to think that losing his brother would be the price to pay for his longing for independence.

He looked away for a minute, towards the direction of his car and felt like laughing. Maybe he overdid it with the gifts but that didn't matter. Itachi wasn't exactly poor and could splurge as he please with his fat paycheck really. As a younger man, the raven had wished to dote more on his brother, both in terms of time and affection, even material things. Now he was much well off, he could hopefully do just that. Hopefully.

Barely noticing that his photo was being taken, the older brother was simply too overwhelmed with the excitement Sasuke's visit brought. There was so much to be done, said and catch up on.

When he finally did, he shrugged it off and didn't mind it. A harmless photo, right?

The man was never talented at verbal expression. Years of rigid upbringing and coldness did that to you. But that didn't mean, he couldn't teach himself to overcome such. There was a smile in Itachi's voice as he playfully poked his brother's forehead, as he usually did as he reached for some of Sasuke's baggage and lead them to the car.

"Figured you would, ototo, I have some take out. Hope it's your type of food. Was just guessing from what I remember."

It was just a cleverly disguised white lie eally. It WAS his type of food. Itachi wasn't one not to do his homework.

Thanks mom. I owe you one.


A slender eyebrow raised at his brother as the younger boy watched him, figured he would be hungry uh huh, the man had a lot of making up to do, Sasuke may have forgiven him slightly but the man was not off the hook so easily. Humming softly to himself as they made their way towards the car the door was unlocked and he slipped inside brushing his bangs back and tucking them behind his ear. The smell of food hit him and he grinned as he grabbed the bag, unwrapping the food quickly he started eating it devouring the food as he grabbed the drink and took a sip, his brother was one of the only people he would eat like that in-front of.

Glancing around he also noticed the gift boxes, "for a lover niisan?" He asked before realizing the name on the tags said SASUKE a blush crept over his cheeks okay that was, clearing his throat he took one box, unwrapping each present he grinned at each one, one was a chain with a ying and yang symbol on it, it was hand made, metal and gorgeous he thought anyways. The next a book full of pictures of the two of them. The last one was a art set, everything he would need was in here.

Closing the box he glanced out the window, " I was just thinking that you had a lot of making up to do, this is a start." He grinned slightly as he looked at his brother, "thanks for letting me come spend the summer with you." Sasuke had needed a break, a break from the people, his family, his friends as sad as that sounded. He needed to take a breath from prying eyes, whining voices and grabby hands.

Looking down at the book in the box he pulled it out going threw it he laughed at most of them, they were younger, and then they got older and older until the last picture he remembered the day, it had been summer and the result of a water fight had the two of them soaked to the bone. Their mother finding it all amusing snapped pictures of them. Sasuke had been sick for two days.

"So what do you do here?"

(I assume that this was also a response to my post, perhaps they thought it hadn't reached me so this was made. Also putting it here)

Rolling his eyes slightly at his brother as he slid into the car he turned his head and watched the other man enter the vehicle, it was started and soon they were driving, he was thankful for the sunglasses so that his brother would not see him running his eyes down his body. Now Sasuke understood that this man was his brother and he knew things shouldn't be like this he shouldn't have those feelings for the man but who was it who said that you don't have a choice in who you fall in love with. Pushing those thoughts into the back of his mind he sighed and glanced at the bag, the bag that smelled really good snatching it from the floor he tore into it, devouring everything, whipping his mouth once he was done.

"Arigato ototo." He whispered before he threw his garbage in the bag and glanced around the car, seeing gifts he raised an eyebrow, "for a lover ototo?" He asked before seeing the name SASUKE starring back at him, okay a blush rose over his cheeks as he grabbed the boxes there were three of them, "You know I was thinking on the way here how you owed me this is a good way to start." The first a chain with the ying and yang symbol, slipping it around his neck. The next a book of photos that there was no way that Itachi could have had all these. 'mom' A grin landed on his lips he was glad that the two of them talked and he had a feeling that both of them would deny it.

The last a paint set full of everything he would need, putting everything properly away he pressed his lips against his brothers cheek as he leaned back and yawned, he was more tired then he had originally thought that was awesome, he found his body leaning as he laid his head on his brothers knee he last recalled his brother being a good driver so it shouldn't be a distraction right?


Itachi chuckled as he fastened his seatbelt, answering his brother's question, "Perhaps. He's someone close to my heart that I can say for sure. Feel free to go through if you like." Without even realizing it, he was flashing his 'on duty' smile at Sasuke.

When it finally hit him, he was unconsciously flirting with his little brother, he turned away and cleared his throat, wanting to punch a wall for the little error. Hopefully Sasuke wouldn't take that in a bad way. Hopefully!

Upon hearing his brother's response about the gifts, seeing that he was pleased with him, the older Uchiha felt somewhat relieved but still a little guilty over his little flirt. "It took a while to get all those done and packed for the occasion, but all good nonetheless. I'm glad you liked them."

He started his car's engine and maneuvered his car out of the lot and thought carefully of what he wanted to say next, least the host in him took over.

Then Sasuke casually laid his head on his knee.

The long haired host turned his head to his brother and smiled a little. He must be tired from the trip... It also reminded him that he needed to buy an alternate set of car pillows since the regular ones were at the laundry.

"Say, what gave you the idea your niisan had someone already? Do you really think I'd go date without you knowing? Of course not! I'm not getting hitched until you do. Remember I told you that when we were younger. I'll watch over you until you get tired of me."

He looked back and his smile grew at the memory. Sasuke was truly dear to him and he wanted to make sure the boy was in best form at all times. It was his aspiration to make sure his brother would be well off and happy throughout his life. Perhaps stemming from his own unhappiness as a child, Itachi wished that he would not have to experience the misery he had to go through. Learning to be happy and living it was something he wanted for Sasuke and yes, for himself as well, though it was easier said than done.

"I sound like a creeper," he remarked, laughing a little, "But really. When you meet someone you like, tell me alright? I'll teach you how to bag the prize. In return, I'll also tell you if someone's caught my eye.


Sasuke slowly opened his eyes, starring at his brothers feet the man was acting a little different, he wondered if he would ever find out what was new with his brother. "Have you looked at yourself lately? You probably have people throwing themselves at your feet." He thought about that for a moment when his brother did get to be in a relationship he had a feeling they were going to be farther apart then they already were, "I'm never going to grow tired of you niisan." He whispered as he closed his eyes,

Did he like someone, well he liked his brother, a lot, shaking his head slightly he buried his nose in his knee and thought for a moment, "You'll be the first to know." He said as a yawn slipped past his lips, "wake me when we get there?" The drive didn't seem to take that long once he had fallen asleep and soon he felt the car stop he didn't want to move but the sound of his brothers voice coaxing him awake made the younger man whine like a child and shield his eyes from him.

Finally sitting up he grabbed his bag and followed Itachi inside, his eyes went everywhere and when they stepped threw the front door his eyes went huge, the ceilings were so tall, he loved tall ceilings, slipping his shoes off he set his bag down and started to explore, "I love your place Itachi." Making his way into the living room his eyes went to the table.

Making his way over to it he picked up the magazine, HELL FIRE was on the cover and they were going to be here in a month, tickets he had to get tickets, glancing at the date he grinned and sighed softly, how had he not known this earlier, probably due to the fact that this had been the first lets relax he had in a long time. Sasuke was a very smart kid, he got top grades at his school, he played sports because his father wanted it but he wasn't really it into it, he loved running yes but he rather do it on his own time.

He had boys and girls at his feet, due to it being summer, last year until they went into grade twelve, god he had no idea what he wanted to do after school, he could really do anything maybe something to do with modeling, he had been made many offers, "Itachi, do you think I could be a model?" Looking up at his brother he cleared his throat, "I mean I've had many offers already, the camera would love my face apparently."

Blowing a piece of black hair from his eyes, "I want to have a shower, and get freshened up, if you could point me in the right direction?"


He laughed inwardly, quite louder than his usual inward chuckles at his brother's remark. Oh, if he ONLY knew. Itachi had A LOT of people throwing themselves at his feet. Mostly clients, people related to clients...or would have been clients. Work hazards, it's part of the job. If fireman and police have to endure danger and the risk of death, when you're a host for the rich and popular, you are privy to scandal and dangerous little secrets. The young adult was fine with that.

Just not with pesky... stalkerish and metaphorically touchy feely clients and their minions. There were just some who did not understand or see the BIG RED LINE dividing work and real life.

Itachi was the perfect host, as he had been the perfect son for the Uchiha family, and did no less than what was expected of him. He was the ideal companion and quite sought after. Very little negative feedback and often received high praises. It was safe to say that he was definitely one of the pillars which his agency depended upon.

Unable to keep his amusement intact, he simply smiled at his brother and nodded, "Well. It's in our genes. It can't be helped. Getting a few compliments here and there... I need not ask, I think it's a given you get a few of those as well."

He nodded at the request, waking him up when they arrived. Itachi parked his car and went to fetch the baggage. "Welcome home. Well almost. We have to get on the elevator first then I'll give you a mini tour of the place. It isn't much but it's decent."

Itachi reached for the master copy of the unit's keys in his coat and opened the door. Judging from Sasuke's reaction, the boy was pleased. "Thanks."

"I cleaned up the spare room which I keep as a studio and guest room in one. So you'll be staying there.It still has stuff like my easels and stereo component among other things. I like doing art on my spare time. Eases the stress and I do artsy stuff every now and then for my jobs too."

The first noticeable thing in the room was how it was a juxtaposition of a mess and cleanliness. A tall book case lined one wall, home to many books and Itachi's music collection so far. Cabinets, drawers, shelves with everything neatly arranged and in order. However...

The floor was covered with a padded mat which had too many paint stains. Some didn't even look like paint stains but if it could talk, it could probably tell many art attack stories to Sasuke. The walls were still surprisingly pristine.

"Ah, there are two bathrooms here. There's one in my room and here, beside yours is the public bathroom." He gestured to the bathroom beside the studio room, "Though I suggest you don't bathe there just yet. I have yet to scrub and clean that place up enough for your eyes. Let's just say... I had a friend over last night and he threw up in the toilet. The smell hasn't quite evaporated so if you want to shower, head to my place instead."


Sasuke had no intentions of showering in a public bathroom, he was not fond of a lot of people and he wondered how many people he was going to met well he was here. He scrunched up his nose when his brother mentioned that his friend had thrown up in the toilet and his brother had yet to get the smell out. Making his way over to the older man he glanced up at him, he stood on his toes damn the mans tallness, his lips met the corner of his brothers mouth, then his cheek, his nose his eyes slid open their lips were a centimeter apart and he could feel his brother breath on his face and it was sending tingles all down his body. " I miss you." He whispered before he moved away from his brother and made his way to his room.

Pushing it open he looked inside, his brothers room was nice, tilting his head this way and that his eyes fell to a picture that was on the mans desk. Making his way over to it he picked it up and grinned slightly, it was the two of them.Sasuke was hanging off his brother a huge smile on his face, Itachi looked happy as well. This was taken the last time he had seen his brother.

Letting out a quiet sigh he stripped of his clothes tossing them into the dirty bag, he never wore the same clothes twice, he was weird like that. Grabbing a towel from the closet he turned on the hot water and slid under the spray, pulling the pin from his hair, not many people knew that he wore it, dark hair feel down his back and he sighed as he tipped his head back running his fingers threw it he had to get a hair cut soon he was sure of it.

Fifteen minutes later he turned off the shower, grabbing the towel he slid it around his waist and went out of the bathroom, turning the light off behind him, realizing that he hadn't brought his bag in with him he walked over to the door he could hear voices and then his brother was speaking. Sliding quietly across the floor he saw his bag and slid over to it but as he grabbed it he knocked something over and turned in time to catch it. Of course it got the man attention and when he turned to Sasuke the younger boy could only stare in shock and fear almost.

The man was tall, male, dark hair falling down his back, he had eyes that reminded Sasuke of a snake and when he flicked his tongue out Sasuke's eyes were drawn to it as it was slightly longer, "Itachi really?" The man asked turning his attention to Sasuke's brother, "I'm sorry to interrupt I was just grabbing my bag excuse me." Sasuke was gone in a matter of moments and when he entered the bedroom he shivered slightly before getting dressed.

It was not lie that the Uchiha brothers were blessed with looks, well Itachi was that in your face with the good looks Sasuke was on the...well he was smaller, could fit into female clothing which he couldn't deny were much more comfortable them male clothing sometimes but he didn't tell anyone that. Due to running his body was toned. His looks got him a lot of unwanted attention to say the least.

Pulling his shirt over his head he glanced in the mirror, running his fingers threw his hair a few times he put it up left the bedroom turning the light off as he went, making his way towards the kitchen he searched the fridge and grabbed the ice cream that was in the freezer, setting it on the counter he went to his bag and grabbed his ipod, putting the headphones on he hit the play button, music filled his ears and he couldn't help but move to the song a little as he made his way back to the ice cream.


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