I look around and see the looks on everyone's face. We can't stay here. My father,"You all get out of here, now. When this city goes, none of you can be here."
"You can walk, right? We'll get you out of here too."
He shakes his head,"I'l slow you down just...."
Chris cuts him off,"My parents are on their way here. We can call them and tell them to call when they get here, then meet them somewhere."
I nod,"Ok, so we'll get as far as we can in your parents direction."
My dad sighs, shaking his head, and trying to get up. I help him up, along with Chris. Piers opens a window, Luis makes sure no one trys to come in. The girls go out, then Piers. My dad's next, Piers helping him along with Chris and I. Chris goes out next as I call for Luis. He's pushing the door closed,"Go!"
Looking at Chris,"Get to the buildings across from the street, if we're not there in 5 minutes, leave."
I run over to Luis. He stares at me,"I told you to go!"
"What's going on?"
He shakes his head,"Listen, moans on the other side. Their trying to force there way in, and there aren;t any locks on the door. I'll hold them off, you...."
I cut him off,"No, we're getting out of here together. When I say to, let the door go and run."
He stares at me but doesn't argue, sighing. I grab my gun, which seems to still be on me even though I still can't find a shirt, and aim at the door,"Go."
He lets go and runs. 5 come in at once and more are behind that. I shoot them, backing up. Gunfire from behind me is being shot. Luis,"Go!"
Turning, I see that he's outside of the window. I run out and we both take off. We run across the street, to the others. My dad is standing up with no help, but I see that he's tired and in pain.