After a few minutes, she lets go. I look at her as she looks at me. I can't take my eyes off of her now. That is, until the doctors come out of the room. I'm on my feet in seconds, now staring at the doctors. One of them stays as the others walk away,"He's going to be fine. He won't be able to move his arm for a while, and he's going to need rest, but over time, he'll be able to use his arm again."
Relief shoots through me, as I sigh,"Thank you."
The doctor smiles,"Your welcome."
He leaves and I go to the door. Putitng the handle on it, I stop,"Ada....Did you mean that, or we're you just trying to get my mind off of this?"
She smiles,"Both.....I've wanted to do it for a long time."
I smile back, turning,"Then, will you be my girlfriend?"
She nods,"Of course."
With that, I turn back and enter. My father is lying there, his arm in a sling. He turns to us and smiles,"You all alright?"
"Us? Of course, I should be asking you that."
I hold his left hand, gripping it as he grips mine. He shakes his head,"No reason to worry about me. Not with you kids around. Couldn't die if I wanted to."
I laugh,"I'd never let that happen."
The rest gather around as Chris explains the situation with his parents to my father, who nods in responce thanking him and everyone else for all that they've done. A nurse comes in,"We're receiving a group of people that we're injured in a subway accident. We we're told to let you all know just in case you heard anything weird."
My father is now back to his serious mode,"Where was the subway car from?"
The nurse looks through her files she has in her hands,"Um...Raccoon City."
She smiles and leaves.