Kexim and Exil keep telling me what happened while i was unconscious so here it goes. they went into the village where all the crazy happened to look for some Shadow Mongers. they searched the entire village but didn't find any. But when they looked in the building i demolished with my Spairs face, they found the biggest Fester of a Monger that they swore they ever saw. they claime that it was 12 foot tall and had several pustules an the out side. "Let's just destroy it before what ever is in there hatches and wants its firs meal." said Exil. "Yeah." said Kexim, drawing a sword. "just a quick shot from my Volt Strike aught to kill i- oh CRAP!" the Fester started to shake and crack and thick black slime started oozing from the cracks. "RUN!!!!!" said Exil, sprinting from the hatching Beast. "NO s**t!!!!" cried Kexim as he started after him.
The Monger was 10 feet tall and was covered in the black after birth from this." he points his sword at this creature. "Lightning shot!!" he aims the sword and shoots out a large bolt of lightning that deflected off the strange dark slime that covered the thing body. "I got this dude." said Exil, drawing his guns. "FREEZE!!" just then, little blueish white lines started to form and branch out all over the creatures' body. "I didn't mean it literal!" said Exil shocked at what had happened. the Monger was completely frozen, suddenly it stated to crack, then it completely shattered into little pieces. "Wooo!" said Kexim, staring as a figure jumped from the shattered Shadow Monger. the person landed infront of the two people. he was dressed in a Black denim jacket, jeaned and held a blueish black sword that had traces of frost on the blade, there was no denieing it, this guy was a Cipher.