Well i guess i'll introduce a few of my friends ( im not mentioning any names) from school... (Don't worry ... I already lost myself years ago)
1. My b* tchy bestfriend
2. My great at english friend
3. My gay friend ( yes he... wait.. i mean SHE likes dudes )
4. My loner friend
5. My worldwide friend (she likes country history and hetalia)
6.My VERY childish of the childish friend
7.A dude that I actually like
8. My NUMA NUMA friend
9.My Genius friend
10. My douchebag friend
11.My taller than me friend
12.My b*tchy friend's cousin
13." a dude that I actually like " 's friend ( an intelligent girl too) gonk
14.My k-pop'er friend
15.My tomboyish friend
Well thats that..i wish none of them would see this crappy list
Not like anypony would read... I meant anybody.. My bad,,,