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Red Stained Gala

Raven_Titan of the dark
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(( Note: this is my first attempt and I'm posting because of writers block. Nothing special, constructive criticism welcome.))

Raven eyed the gallant room around her. It was a large ballroom with a white granite floor with what appeared to be lines of gold etched to look like manny small squares. Above the extravagant dance hall, held a large crystal chandelier. She noted a lightbulb was out on the right side of the large ceiling ornament. She couldn't quite picture where it was, due to the blinding mirrors layered above the ballroom. She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror then quickly turned her head back to the dance floor. Why did she have parade herself around in such a ridiculous outfit...why did Bruce want Robin to bring his teem to this idiotic show of wealth? She sighed, walking past the crowd and behind a large marble pillar. The soft echoes of music, ringing in her ears.

She leaned against the pillar, adjusting her choker. The large red rose in the center hit her black polished nails, making the pice of jewelry clink. She looked down at her trailing dress, scowling at it's low cut hem. It felt like a belt across her breasts. She moved her hands to the elaborate mask that was given to her for just this occasion. "If you take that off there would be no point to this party.." Spoke a familiar voice. She looked up to see a rather handsome man dressed in a black tux, a yellow tie tucked into his overcoat. He had short blonde hair slicked against his head, and the stature of a man of upper class. His mask covered the top half of his face, it was black mesh with a large yellow Lilly perched on the left side of it.

She sighed at the man "after this I don't think I want to see any more temporary hair dye for the rest of my life.." The man grunted " just be glad you don't have to use any, Kori turned her hair brown." the man said distastefully. " yeah but at least she doesn't have to wear these..." She paused the name escaping her. " hair extensions" he finished helpfully. "They don't look that bad Rav-" he paused for a moment. "Rachel..." Raven frowned at his use of her name. " So basically Bruce holds this little get together every two years..?" She scoffed. "C'mon Rachel... It's just for formalities.." He looked around wearily. "He just wants to see if you can blend in...without being noticed.." She eyed the man in annoyance. "So this is a test then?"

He thought about it for a moment then nodded slowly as two Women passed by the spot they were standing. She rolled her eyes "do you always have to be so secretive Robin?" She asked "shh!" He covered her mouth with the palm of his hand, looking toward the two Women, making sure they were out of earshot. She rolled her eyes again pushing his hand off of her mouth. "So what happens if we're caught..?" She asked curiously. Robin stared at her intently. "Let's just say heroes aren't the only ones who attend this 'get together'..." And with that he turned on his heal and trotted off to see Starfire, Or in this case Kori. Raven had to admit..Starfire did look stunning.. She was in a short purple dress, it's base cut all the way to her hip. Raven was still getting used to the brown hair. She sighed, only 2 more days.

Raven adjusted her back against the cold marble pillar. Trying her best to blend in with the crowd of unfamiliar faces. She ran her hands down the long..crudely cut black hair. She didn't have to do much to make it seem black.. She refused to dye her hair outright. She glanced around the pillar, eyeing cyborg. He had always looked so different with Those rings on. He looked strange to her.She watched him for a time as he chatted hurriedly with Bee. She didn't like to see him in that 'human' form of his. Of corse everyone in the building must refrain from using their powers. She sighed, glancing to Beastboy. Out of all of her teammates, Robin was worried about him most, and anyone could see why.

Cyborg had created a pair of his illusion rings (as BB liked to call them) For Beast boy. He had chosen a fair skinned man with red hair and freckles. raven chuckled, it suited him. She watched him chatting with a few ladies who quickly excused them selves to go flirt with the all elusive "Aqualad". Though no one could know it was him, due to a few changes in his hairstyle. He had always seemed off to Raven. Whenever she got close her mind clouded and her powers went off on tangents. She suspected him of using pheromones but she would never ask him outright. She returned to her spot behind the pillar, eyeing the few passer byes along with the ladies leaning up against the wall, pointing out which guy they wanted to dance with. Giggling and ogling like a bunch of buffoons.

She sighed, returning her eyes once again to the chandelier. "Beautiful..isn't it..?" She jumped slightly at the sound. Turning to see a man with black hair, and an equally black tuxedo. His bright red tie standing out against the outfit. His mask was a strange mix of black and red. Feathers and flower petals intertwining to make a intricate mix of complementary colors. The man stepped forward, eyeing the chandelier. "What a place.. The food's great too..Not to mention the music.."He commented. Raven looked at the man curiously. A meek "Yeah.. " was all she could reply.

She had to fit in but she refused to stand out, most of her teammates stood out because of looks or personality. She wondered what made this man come talk to her of all people. The man nodded toward the chandelier. " how much do you think that costs..?" He mused. Raven gave a slight shrug. "I don't know, perhaps you should ask its owner.." She replied coldly. " Bruce? nah.. he wouldn't tell me..You come here every two years like the rest of them..?" He nodded to the crowd. "This is actually my first time coming" she spoke carefully, making her voice sound older and more dignified. Her Rasp was still there, but not as notable. The man turned to her, flashing a quick smile "we'll then you've never seen the best part of this place!" The man quickly grasped onto her hand, whisking her out of the back doors before anyone was the wiser.

"H-hey.." Raven huffed. "You could have just asked me to follow you" the man turned back and gave her a smirk that sent chills up and down her spine. " your normal voice sounds a lot cuter.." He snickered. Raven scowled, pulling her hand away from his and stoping in her tracks. "I refuse to be pushed around" Ravens blunt way of speaking startled the man. He laughed for a moment, then gestured to the garden behind him. "You don't seem the crowd type, i thought you might want to see the unique flowers that bloom here.." The man peered at her. "With you? I'd rather go back inside and talk with the marble pillar thank you..." The man chuckled again. "Oh come on...'Rachel' was it...?"

Raven winced at the use of her real name. "...Where..?" He put a finger up to his lips, smirking in that annoying way. "Your date was a real snooze.. Last I saw he was dancing with some burnet..I managed to pick up your name from him before he split.." Raven sighed, "first of all..he's not my date..second of all.. Glorified snooping isn't going to get me to wander off away from my friends to come see some garden. I don't even know who you are." Raven sighed, suppressing her emotions out of a habit. She turned around calmly and started to wander back to the party.

"...my name...it's Jason.." She whirled around to meet the eyes of The man. She was about to make a snide remark, but was met by an uncomfortably curious stare. She nodded in response, her eyes copying his curious look. "A pleasure .. 'Jason'.." She said awkwardly, before heading back to the safety of her friends. She stole one glance behind her, and caught a last glimpse of that annoying smirk.

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Jason Todd Outlaw
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sat Feb 09, 2013 @ 08:07pm
Let me guess... Jason Todd?

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