Annabeth has now begun to behave properly. I guess she didn't take private school well. Though it was the top school in the kingdom and only certain people can get in, Annabeth did not like Raydon Academy. I thought it would give her a chance to expand her horizon and let her experience some of the things I did when I was on Earth but I guess she didn't take to it that well. However, now that we are transferring her from the academy to private tutoring, she has miraculously improved in behavior. However, the process is slow because the interviews take time and of course Annabeth has particular standards for her teachers. Of course Terrence and I have our own standards and no one can meet eye to eye on much of anything. We are working hard to find a middle ground. I will say this, Annabeth is as stubborn as anything, Just like I was. And still am. I pray we find middle ground soon. I need a break. And as soon as this is over, I'm going to take one.