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Rambalings of an insane mind
Read at your own risks people I'm not held responsiable for anything that happens
For right now her name's going to be Umi lol but I don't really like but I do...idk what ta do lol.

Name: Miri

Age: Just turned nineteen.

Height: 5’2”

Eye color: When she looks human her eyes are an emerald green, but when she’s in her original form the green that’s her iris takes over the entire eye leaving only a black slit pupil.

Hair color and style: In her human form it only falls just past her shoulders, she’ll usually keep it in a braid, out of her face, but on the off chance she leaves it down it’s wavy. When she’s in the water and in her original form, her hair grows to her elbows and she never puts it up. In the water it’s also a turquoise color and on land it’s a dark brown color.

Skin color: On land her skin is pale, but not dangerously the best way to describe it is ‘Milky white skin’. Inside the waters her skin is a pale blue with a mixture of ruby reds, teal greens, and lavenders running all round her body. The only hair she has is the one on top of her head. To make up for that her species has markings on the face sometime it’s on the lip and where the eyebrows go or it’s all over the face. For Umi, her markings are where her eyebrows should be and a thick line that runs from the middle of her lips to her chin.

Others: Umi has one necklace that she wears all the time. She doesn’t know why or remember why it’s important to her it just is. The necklace is a simple silver gold chain with a small pendent. The pendent is in the shape of a shield with a snake and a dragon going at it on the front. The dragon’s wings span the whole shield front and the snake takes up the bottom half of the shield.

Possible ideas for what her original forms:

First idea: is that because she is the first of her kind, and experiment to allow her people to walk on the land. They can’t do it otherwise. They transported their dying Queen, a blood thirsty woman, brain, organs, and looks into a new body, one that had been spliced with Human DNA to give it a second form and the ability to walk on land with legs. You see her people are like mermaids and men. They have a fish tail for their lower half and the upper half is human. They have fins along their arm and from the waist to just below their bottom is another fin. The fins along their arms hold their venom which can be used to either paralyze a person or kill them. They don’t have ears, where their ears should be are fins that act as ears. Also because they can’t speak underwater they have telepathic powers and usually communicate by showing other’s picture in their minds.

Second idea: Because she was splice with Humans she’d not have the half-human half-fish deal, she’s actually have a completely human body but instead would grow a tail, much like Vaporeon’s tail from pokemon, her fingers and toes would be webbed as well. Everything else, thought, would be the exact same.

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