That's an odd topic, but she's trying to change the subject. I go along with it, anything's better to talk about then this,"It can be. Especially when you have 20 girls trying to talk to you at the same time during class."
I laugh and so does she,"I always laughed at you during class, trying to get your work done.....They would always get upset when you picked to work with me on projects."
I smile,"Yeah, I always did...."
She smiles, then hesitates to talk,"Why? You could of had anyone in the class. The one's who were would be fine with talking in front of the class, instead of making you do it....and, they'd do whatever you wanted them to."
Her smile fades as she looks at me in confusion. Why did I? That's easy, but how do I tell her. I love her, and I have for years. I just don't know how to put it,"I.....I've avoided telling you this for years...because...I've never known how to say it to you....but, I keep it from you anymore. Ada, ever since we met...I've..."
At this point, she hasn't moved. She just stares at me. I realize that the other have turned to look at me to, waiting for what I'm about to say,"Ada, I love you. I know you probably don't feel the same way, but I couldn't keep it inside any longer."
The others have looks of shock and are waiting for Ada's reaction. I look at her. Suddenly, she puts a hand on my face. Her face comes to mine and we're kissing.