I look at him, remembering what my dad said and walk over to him,"Don't tell them we're from Raccoon."
He thinks for a moment, then nods,"My paren't work in this town a lot. We can stay there. It's in the woods and big enough for all of us. My parents are actually there now. Claire's calling them."
I look over at Claire who is on the phone, a few tears running down her face periodically. Looking back at Chris I only say,"Great."
The realization of everything happening finally hits me. All in a few hours, I've lost my home. Could of lost my life and my friends' lives more than once. May have no family in a matter of minutes. I walk over to the wall, laying against it. Closing my eyes, I try to block the memories of this day. A fall, slowly, now sititng against the wall. One of my legs rests straight, the other bent. Putting my right arm against my right leg, that is bent, I open my eyes and stare at the wall infront of me. I feel a light hand on my shoulder and look over, slightly moving my head. Ada is there. Her voice is soft,"If it would help you to talk, we can. Otherwise, I'm open to do what you want to do"
I've never seen this side of her before, but she knows what I'm going through,"Getting this off my mind would be great."
She nods as a small smile comes on her face. She grips my hand,"So...I know you we're the one everyone either wanted or wanted to be in school. Did that annoy you at some point?"