I shake my head,"Stop, nothing's happening to you. Like I said before, we're all making it out of here."
He coughs, more blood with it. I put my left hand on his leg, gripping it. I'd grab his hand, but being on his right side, that wouldn't mean anything. He places his left hand on mine. Luis yells,"Hay guys! There's a town just ahead! Hospital's one of the first things on the exit sign!"
I smile and see a change in expression on my dad's face. It's sort of relief, maybe he's even relaxing more.
At the hospital, my dad's having a hard time staying awake. I'm trying to force him awake, but it's hard. Piers and I are helping him in. He can barely walk, but makes an attempt. Piers has his arm around my dad and my dad's left arm around Piers' shoulder. Doctors and nurses suddenly rush out. Before they get to us, my dad whispers something to me,"Don't tell them we came from Raccoon."
Then, they are to us. Putting him on the stretcher, they wheel him in. I stay with him until we get to the surgery room where they make me wait outside. I'm outside the room now with the others. A woman comes down the hall, one of the nurses here,"I need you to fill out these forms."
Chris takes them, thanking here.