Do you know the one thing worse than being depressed?
.... That feeling .... Of complete emptiness.
I know it all too well. It feels like your heart is gone, like you're an empty container with no soul or feelings. Like nothing matters anymore yet anything that occurs matters most.

When all you want to do is cry or disappear altogether. And give up to the black mess that's eating at me. If I left I would be very surprised if anyone cared/cried. I don't want to exist... No.... I shouldn't exist yet I do. I have scars to prove that all this pain isn't just in my head, burn scars, cutting, eraser burns.... Sometimes I need a break from this society.

Where what you wear, like, who you like, your opinions and everything else you can possibly think of. eg. If you don't like one direction you're considered weird/strange. If you like punk music or heavy metal you're considered emo.

I'm not going to change for society. I don't want to be a clone of what people say I should be. And that's why people who are different are shunned out and considered someone to stay away from.

And one more thing......

Telling a depressed person to be happy is like telling a man with no legs to get up and walk.