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My music lyrics
I write allot of stuff but mostly I write music I am planning on posting as much of my music as I can.
Untitled Book
Chapter 2: I’ll be at your side
It has been two days now since she begun following me, two days of her smiling, and two days of her maintaining that bit of warmth she carried from her home town. Yet I have no orientation of her name. I began to wonder why she has this intention of following me. With that in mind a sensation of curiosity came over me as I turned and looked at her. But before I began to speak she said “You can call me Destiny”. She said it as if knowing her name was a question written all over my face. “That’s a beautiful name, Destiny.” I turned back around and continued walking as the day grew late, it wasn’t much longer before the sun laid over the horizon. After several hours of nonstop walking it was time to make camp and rest for the night. Once more I turned her way. “I am sorry if I have been a bit distant from you since leaving town, I guess you tagging along brought up more of my past in mind than I wanted to bring with me.” “Oh, I thought I had done something wrong.” “No, I doubt someone like you could do wrong.” Destiny smiled and looked down towards the ground. “Destiny I have to ask, it’s not that I’m not grateful or anything like that, but why did you insist on tagging along with me?” Her smile slowly vanished, and the redness in her cheeks began to fade from her skin. “I’m sorry destiny you don’t have to answer that.” “No it’s ok, I’m fine, and it’s just that I haven’t talked about it to any one in a long time”. “When I was young I lost my mother and well, my father, let us just say he wasn’t very good at his job. It wasn’t soon after that I had left him to go live my own life under my own rules.” “I’m sorry to hear that.” I began to poke at a newly made fire and stare off into the flames. “So, that town we passed, that wasn’t your home town was it.” “No… It wasn’t…” she spoke in a soft voice. “Oh I thought because you were walking there you must have lived there, it was the only town for many miles coming from the direction we met” “Its ok don’t worry about it, I could take care of myself I don’t need your sympathy.” It was hard not to feel any sympathy, through so much hardships and loss she has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. “Well destiny, from now on I’ll be your family.” Once more she began to smile and the red and pink returned to her face. “Thank you.” She said softly. “My name is William” destiny looked up at me and said “I think I’ll call you will.” and began to laugh. I looked at her and said “why what’s wrong with William?” “She said nothing but don’t you find will to be much cuter?” I didn’t quite understand so I just smiled and said sure. After our conversation went off into other directions and ended I got up to fix the tent so we could go to sleep, not long after we were both out I woke up from a nightmare, as I turned to see if I had woke her up it looked as though she was still asleep then suddenly she rolled over and I thought for sure she was a awake. “Destin-“I stopped because I noticed her eyes were closed. Suddenly the moon became unblocked by the clouds and the moonlight shined down upon her. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen; she was even cuter asleep than awake. I had lain back down not feeling horrible from my dream any more, I eventually fell back asleep. I won’t say my life was a waste any more because I began to feel at home once again, but this time with a family that I could love and cherish…

Soul Born Sin
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