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My music lyrics
I write allot of stuff but mostly I write music I am planning on posting as much of my music as I can.
Untitled Book
Chapter 1: He who walks alone
I had been walking down this road my father set me down for years wondering when this lonely and dull life would just let me wear down. I had always wanted to travel but never alone. I started thinking why no one ever took this path, but then it came to me I never saw much beauty or life since I even begun walking away from the father I ever so hated. But one day as I was beginning to feel the weary grasp hold over my legs, I came across her, a fellow traveler whose smile shined brighter than the radiant sun across a newly chiseled ruby. When our paths crossed, I had hoped our journey together would never end. Feeling the lack of companion ship I did not hesitate to put my business into hers wondering what a woman like her would be doing in such a lonely degrading path. A bit shocked, the lady looked me in the eye and said "what a wonder the world is, traveling the path not taken". At first I thought she was being sarcastic but no, it was not the words of mocking but the words of one who sees the world for what it could truly be? I asked if I could tag along and asked where she was heading. Her remark to my what seemingly foolish question was "to the next town of course, what else could I be doing on such a drawn out path?” I said of course, as I just played along with the conversation as though I had already known that. For a while we continued walking... For a while we carried on our simple conversation... And for a while I felt happy and to be honest, I did not want it to end... but as my story is told, all good things have an end. All good things come to go. It’s not a very best kept secret of the world but more of a secrete because we do not want it to be so. I knew that by the time we reached the next village or town where ever this road went, our paths would separate for I have no home. My place would not be with such a radiant rose. I am the winter in such short words. I will come and go through the roads less traveled because my life is alone. It has always been this way.
"So, this must be it. The town you were walking to." "Yes, this is it…" "Well it was nice to travel with you, a great companion indeed. I guess I’ll see you around" at the time when I had said that I knew it was just wishful thinking a guy like me, going nowhere but straight until my legs can’t carry me anymore, to cross paths with her again is like saying I know I’m not going to die. The chances are slim to nothing, with that in mind I turned away from her and kept walking. The woman rushed up to me as I began to walk and grabbed my hand. "You never told me where you were going, that look is not the look of one who is close to their destination?".. I closed my eyes for I did not want to see her reaction as she blocked my way and stared up at me. "I don’t... Have a destination." I remarked and gently shoved her hand away as I once more embarked on the journey that never ends. "You must have a destination? You can’t just needlessly walk around the country wastelands, you could die out there."
I did not want to tell her that it was my whole intention to walk unto my demise, so I just said "you need not worry, I will be fine". She looked at me knowing I was troubled but still maintained that radiant look of warmth and happiness and said "I will just have to keep you company then wont I" she grasped my hand and pulled me forward like she knew where we was even going. In a way I did not care I was happy to have her along with me.

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