We actually made it, through the flames. Looking around, the only thing around us is a street and dirt. The zombies come, but are engulfed in the flames. The car stops, slowly, and I jump out of the car. Chris climbs over the seat, to the front passangers. Luis gets out, helping my dad to the back. Once he's in, the serious expression on his face has turned into exhaustion. I close the door, Piers grabbing the one my dad entered. Luis gets in, and he drives. He doesn't speed like my father had, but he's not going the speed limit of 35 mph.
"What do we need to do?"
He sighs,"There's nothing you can do. I'm loosing too much blood and...."
I cut him off,"Stop. Your making it out of this. Your the one who knows what to do when it comes to these type of situations. Tell us what we need, and we'll find it."
He's in between Piers and I, looking back and forth between us a few times. He meets my gaze,"The only thing we can do is try to slow the bleeding. Get some type of cloth, put it on top of the wound after folding it a few times, and push......and hold your grip against it, no matter how much pain I'm in."
I nod. Looking back at the girls I ask,"Do you have any towels back there?"
They look in the back and shake their heads. At the same time, Piers and I take off our shirts. Piers presses on my dad's back as I press against his chest. He yells, then winces, trying to hold it in. I can see the pain on his face as he lays his head against the seat, closing his eyes.
In a few minutes, our shirts are soaked. My dad lifts his head, taking a deep breath. He then coughs, blood coming out with it. As a small trail of blood slides down his face, he slowly says,"Leave me here. Get out of here, away from this town. I won't make it to the next town."