Now driving with only his left hand, he turns the car around the corner. He flips it into drive with his left hand, then brings it back, turning the car. He steps on the gas and I can feel the force of our speed oushing me to my seat. He's gritting his teeth.
"As soon as you can pull over, do it. I'll drive."
He nods. Only having one arm able to move could wreck the car, putting all of us in danger. Luis,"I can drive. You take my seat with your dad."
Chris,"I can take shot gun."
I nod. I really don't want to drive right now. Looking at my dad's wound, I can see th eblood flowing, like a stream, down his arm. He's going to bleed out soon if we don't do something. None of us are medics here, but because of my dad being a cop, he knows the basics. This wound, though, isn't basic, but he has to know something. When we get a few blocks further, a fire has taken the streets. On the other side would be open space, the edge of the city. The car doesn't slow. I look at my dad. Seeing his expression, I know he's not going to stop. I look forward, holding the door handle. Soon, we'll wither be helping my dad with his injury, or trying ot find another car.