~~~~~~Heya! Welcome to my 3rd journal entry!!!!!! cat_biggrin <3 ^w^~~~~~~
This entry is all about me!you are probably thinking WHY would I write an entry about me? WELL ITS NOT ON MY PROFILE! Mkay maybe it is but, It is only so much,DONT HATE! Some of the information may be repeated.
ANYWAYS! Well first thing I'm Canadian! cat_3nodding And I am proud of my weirdness! I like all animals! Someday when I am older I hope to be an artist,I am pretty good already but I would like to become even more advanced. I am so addicted to this game! Curse you "awesome happy face" (bff in real life and gaia user) Well I like to be hyper. I HATE when I get hyper at the same time though! I laugh to much when Im Hyper. I love to go camping!!!! You can ask me about a story that was NOT pretty while I was Camping. cat_gonk You can tell me now or later. I wuv music.^w^ I dont care about the album I just listen to the dang song. cat_xd Dont hate emotion_kirakira I wanna be happy. I love to play minecraft. Its an awesome game! BLESS U NOTCH! (Notch is the creator of minecraft) I am female if you have not friggin noticed. If I am to die I wanna die in a world with "World Peace" I dunno what else to think of so if you have a little question then you can tell me or ask me anything! so thats it! Oh wait I stalk unicorns!!!!! And they stalk me emotion_dowant