Xifft couldn't belive what had happend. The man that turned her into a Cipher, the man that killed his Spair in 15 minuts flat was butchered in les that 5 seconds. "I'VE DONE IT!!!!" Melody screamed. "I have killeds the Superior of the oganiza-" she was cut off byu something that droped fto the ground.Xifft looked down and nearly vomited. it was Melodys' toung that fell to the ground. she turned around and saw Exill with his Shard gun pointed right at Melody. "No one Hurts our Supirior!!!" he screams "thats right!!!" agreed Kexim. "He gave us a home when we had none!!" Touched by how much the thers cared for Caxias, Xifft said: He loves us for who we are." She rose her hands and made the Devil Horns with them. Melody's' shadow bubbled and 5 tendrals of Black rope came out tieing her up and strangling Melody and hoisting her up in the air. surprised at what se did, Xifft tuned to ask for some kind of explanation and found that the other two members had changed: Exils eyes became white as perls and his black shirt became covered in chain Amo for his Shard Guns; Kexim's eyes were as yellow as a bolt of lightning and his swords were covoring every part of his body. Xiffts eyes were as dark as night and her whip had turned into a viper ready to kill any one who dare harm the man she loved again. Xifft was in love with Caxias, she knew it the moment she cane back to life. The way he was so calm and colected, the way he formed his weapons, and the way he was so concerned for her. she loved him, and no homosidle whore is going to steal away Caxias from her now!! "OUR VERDICT HAS BEEN REACHED!!!!" said the three members in unison. "OUR VERDICT IS GUILTY!!!!!" a large creature rose from the shadow and started swallowing the tendrils,and Melody with it "YOUR PUNISHMENT IS DEATH!!! the creature swallowed her whole and sucked the shadow with her, which dissipated into a puff of smoke.
when their tranc was broken they all felt sick. "What hapened?" Xifft asked "it's called a Empathy Burst." said Kexim. "when a member of the organization is killed or injured then the remaining members get a burst of strength and is then able to avenge the other member by defeating the one that injured him." "Well now that we're out of it we we need to get Caxias back to CC ASAP."
In the infermery Caxias was laying on a cot hooked up to a heart monitor and a aura scanner. "Hes going to be fine."said Kexim "but hes in a deep trance. He needs some one to stay with with him untill he wakes up." "I'll do it." said Xifft. "I know that i haven't gained your respect but i hope that now i can." "very well." He replyed. "Exil and i are going to go back to the Elf community and look for any Shadow Mongers. I saw some when we firs arived. Notify me if anything odd hapens with him OK?" she agrees. When they leave Xifft looks at the heart and aura screens. "Don't you dare die on me." she feels some tears burn the back of her eyes. "CAXIAS DON'T YOU DAIR DIE ON ME!!!! YOU HERE!! I LOVE YOU!!!!" it was too late to say but she did she loved him and she wanted to scream it to anyone who said otherwise.