"What do you mean?" asked Xifft. "Why do they call you The Swaying Weaponist?" "You'll see." I reply. "oh you are going to love this!" said Kexim. "Caxias has the Cipher ability ,called 'Mirror Fight', which allows him to copy his opponents movements and there fighting style. But throughout his years of doing this he has created his own fighting style that has earned him the title of Swaying Weaponist." i took my position; left foot back, right foot front, and arms limp by my sides. I conjured my mist and made it into two hooked swords. "Wow" said Exil. "He hasn't used them before." i took my position in front my Spair who was only standing there, hunched over with his hands in a mantis pose. "Form! destroy him!" said Melody. The Spairs' hands morphed, changed into two scythe blades just as black as my weapons. he took position in some mutated Mantis Style Kung Fu form. "Ah excellent!" squealed Melody. Two parts of the same mimicry master taking each others heads off, I just LOVE it! Kill him!" The Spair ran at me. scythe hands humming like screeching steel on a brick wall. i easly used my improved mobilety to dodge the attacks. i swung my hooked blades but the Spair bloked it with his blades. i smiled and let go of the blocked blade, stood on my had and sweped his feet with the other sword, slicing his lower legs compleatly off. "NO!! He can not be defeated that esily!!! STAN you creture!!" sudenly i saw Black mis come from the creatures wunds and form into pointed blades that he coul balence on perfectly. "Exelent!! now KILL" The woman I had once loved wasnt in that body any more now there was only blood-lust and hatred of my abandoning her. i grabbed my falen blade in an attempt to finish him quickly but when i turned to stike he was gone. I spun around to try and locate him but he was no where to be seen. sullenly i here "CAXIAS ABOVE YOU!!!" it was Xifft! i looked up and saw my Spair 9 feet above me and coming down fast in a downward spiral. i moved just in time to not get skewered by the point of its feet but the wave of derbies slamed into me and i slamed into the gound and skidded. i gott up and swiched my weapons for an axe mace, a long rod of meatal that has three blades of an axe head at the end. i took it and slamed it into the poor best that had my face. He attempted to deflect it like i thought and the blade shattered into little peices. the mace kepped going and cracked the beast in the head. the stike sent him flying out opf the crater he made and into a large hut. i went up into the ruble and made an executioner ax. I raised it and cut off the poor things head. he dispersed into a red smoke that rose into the air. "NO!!!" screamed Melody her hands reaching out and glowing with a dark aura, I'll kill you my sellf!!" she absorbed the red mist and her boddy started glowing with the red aura that was the mist. her body began to morph and her hands turned into ten razor shart blades about a foot long each. "DIIIIIIIIEEEE!!!!" she screames and runs at me with speed u nseeable for my eyes when she re apeared she was right infront of me and started sliceing me up, within seconds i was covered with wounds so deap and wide that i past out. The last thing i heared was Melody screaming with pleasure and Xifft Crying for me.