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Humbug's journal
Only recently introduced to thIis site and haven't got a lot of experience. I'm mostly into the mythological tales, not so much the futuristic though I can appreciate some Doctor Who-ish stories involving time travelling and ''science''. Hopefully I
Halls of Iaida (Halls of the Highest)
In a place, sealed from both time and other dimensions, there lived a certain race that called themselves the Nazarth, which meant as much as 'the pillars' or 'the potent' in their tongue. They also considered their people that way, because they regarded themselves as a divine race. This trait was born out of their ability to observe other dimensions via 'windows' in scattered through their Halls, known as Orphal. Orphal were simply rectangular shapes cut out of their dimension that could only be seen from a certain angle. These allowed them to observe the other side, as if through a normal window, but they couldn't pass through them or contact the opposite side. Raised believing they were like a watchtower with the duty to survey the other species. No one remembers what else has possibly led them to this conclusion, but it seemed the Nazarth were rather fond of their make-believe position, perhaps somewhat too arrogant about it.
Their society could be compared with a mixture of ancient Rome ruled by aristocratic families and a city that functioned like a corporation. According to our standards, this state-like dimension would be considered fairly modern, although their civilization and culture hasn't remotely evolved for hundreds of centuries in any perspective.

Abilities: The Nazarth are able to live for an unknown amount of time, probably eternally, though they can be killed. Claiming to be the only member of their race that has survived since their creation, one of the Nazarth seems to support this theory. According to the gossip concerning this person, he or she has been labeled senile and sealed away from the rest of society for his or her liability could pose threat to the civilians. Other rumors even tell the tale of this person having escaped.
The second ability they have access to is a form of transmutation. The most brilliant scientists of the race have dug deep into the sciences of kwantummechanics, further than the subatomic levels known to our kind. But this doesn't mean the commoners knew how it worked. We all utilise cellphones and computers in our daily life, but could you explain, in every single detail, how these devices work and how they're built? This knowledge, in combination with various tools, gives them the power to change the characteristics of matter and existence itself.
This explains why the Nazarth appear astoundingly elegant and gracious for they can change their appearance in whatever way they see fit. Though this kind of advantage doesn't come without its costs as the power to change the matter feeds on the electrical impulses of the nerves of the brain and muscles all over the users body. If the user strains this ability too much, his or her body grows numb in due time. Loosing eyesight and other senses, mild to grave insanity and even death are common when overused.
Exclusive to their relatively small dimension, there is a particle with the name Peripson in the Nazarth’s language. Nutrients like oxygen and minerals in food are welcome, but not necessary for them. They only need to inhale one breath of Peripson at least once a day. Lastly, because of their vast knowledge of noetic sciences, they have gained the ability to communicate telepathically and some of the more talented Nazarth have proven to be capable to control mild telekinesis.

Appearance: As indicated above, they can alter it to their liking. More often than not, they take on a humanoid form with feline eyes. Their limbs and bodies are long and slender, as is their face. When closed a Nazarth’s mouth isn’t visible and the same goes for their nose and ears when not being used. The coulour of their skin is an alabaster kind of white. Don’t take this description for granted though, for they can look like almost any other being, with the slightest of ease. As long as they get their dose of Peripson, that is.

The Humbug
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The Humbug
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